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  • Trueman Tuck - Tyranny of the Mind

    Trueman Tuck, defender of natural health products vendors and former paralegal is still at it. After being slapped with a $16,000 fine in a Belleville, Ontario court in July 2008 for practicing law without the proper credentials, Tuck decided it was time to sue on his own behalf. To see what this is all about, you've got to order a subscription to our latest newsletter.

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    BIE Health Products sues the world

    Trueman Tuck told to shut up and get a lawyer

    On Monday, December 10, 2007, a box containing 4 huge legal binders, each of them about about 3 inches thick arrived in my medical office while the waiting room was full of patients. I thought that the Canadian Process Server was going to have a hernia. The binders were Trueman Tuck's feable attempt to stall for more time in the BIE Health Products case.

    He refused to back down after the Department of Justice's Shain Widdifield asked Tuck to get a real lawyer for his client.

    The court in Belleville, where the original case was filed, took many months to render a decision in the BIE lawsuit, and then ordered that Tuck be replaced with a real barrister. They appointed Toronto lawyer Paul Starkman to represent BIE Health Products.

    Then, in early July 2008 the venue for the trial was finally changed to courts in Toronto. As well, they asked for updates for the Statement of Claim to be filed by Starkman, and Statements of Defence by the defendants that will be due later this Fall. During the negotiations in the Spring and Summer, it was clear that several defendants were never properly served by Tuck with the proper papers, and so the court ordered them to be dropped from the suit.

    There were a number of serious Provincial charges pending against Tuck. The hearing ran from July 14-15, 2008 in Belleville, Ontario.

    Superior Court of Justice  	
    235 Pinnacle St. - Room 303
    Belleville, Ontario
    K8N 3A9 
    Tuck was charged by the Law Society of Upper Canada with several counts of violations of the Law Society Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. L.8 including:
    • Unlawfully practicing as a Barrister
    • Unlawfully holding himself out as a Barrister
    • Unlawfully representing himself as a Barrister

    He was found guilty on a maximum of two charges, and was assessed a penalty of $16,000. Additionally, he was prohibited from acting as a legal representative in any future actions. This effectively bars him from even performing paralegal services, since he is not registered or qualified under present Law that exists here in Ontario. I doubt that he would ever be permitted to apply as a paralegal in this Province.

    Richard Beemer is represented by health freedom guru Trueman Tuck

    Richard Beemer, the proprietor of BIE Health Products, appeared before the Standing Committee on Health on May 9, 2005 to pitch his position that selling what I would consider to be bogus products is okay.

    "My company had annual sales of over $1.5 million taxable, and it has been deliberately destroyed unlawfully by Health Canada and the Canada Border Services Agency over the last 18 months or so. These agencies did this by simply cutting off our cashflow, by threatening my advertisers, and unlawfully stopping all personal imports of my product to Canadians."

    He left a distinct impression that Health Canada and their employees were nasty little men and women who are out to get him. Of course who would come to his rescue but Trueman Tuck, the health freedom advocate and launcher of a "thousand" anti-government web sites. Okay, it's not quite a "thousand", it only seems that it is.

    On July 21, 2005 I received two packages from Tuck via Purolator. Each of them was about an inch thick, but up here in Canada, it's really 2.54 cm. Tuck had just returned from the Codex meetings in Rome in early July. It was reported that he attended the meetings with Carolyn Dean, who can no longer practice as an MD in Ontario, and Peter Helgason from Strauss Herbal products. I guess that their influence probably led to Codex coming down hard on the nutraceutical industry in Europe.

    I know that he is foaming at the mouth just waiting to get even with the rest of the world. I have scanned in his lawsuit that names just about everyone of interest in the Canadian government, Health Canada, major media outlets, and professional organizations, etc.

    Tuck has a knack of associating himself with some controversial issues, and has also helped spread misinformation about me, much of it courtesy of Tim Bolen who you will note below is not the kind of person you'd like to take home for the holidays.

    Tuck's publications include Health Freedom Update. It's jam packed with nice pictures of politicians who he favours.

    It will be interesting to see what happens with this nuisance lawsuit. If it turns out like the previous lawsuit he launched on behalf of Nick Jerch from Bell Distributors, I wouldn't bet on a victory before any judge or jury. On November 26, 2003 Jerch refused to comply with Health Canada actions. He marketed the Magicc Bullett, which was an unregulated supplement that contained the active ingredient of the drug Viagra. Then a short time later he was cited again for yet another product that contained the active ingredient found in Cialis. And don't forget the Bell EZEE Slimming Patch scam that marketed fraudulent weight loss patches through major drugstore chains.

    BIE Advertising continues

    Maclean's Magazine - January 19, 2009 page 63 Full page advertisement in Maclean's Magazine
    - January 19, 2009 page 63

    Despite a raging lawsuit against the media and myself, somebody placed an advertisement in Rogers Communications owned Maclean's Magazine, Canada's largest circulation news magazine. I've contacted Maclean's and they haven't responded to my questions.
    Ad in Live It! magazine Fall 2007 inside rear coverBIE Health Products is still selling and advertising their GHR product as if there have been no actions taken against them by Health Canada.

    Why have the Health Canada warnings to consumers to not use the BIE Health product years ago not closed them down?

    The most recent ad appeared inside the back cover of a magazine called Live-It! - Canada's Health and Wellness Magazine. Fall 2007 issue.

    Live It!'s web site:

    The publishing company is a division of Torstar's Metroland. It was BIE's standard ad from 2000, i.e. full page in colour. The magazine was delivered with my Saturday Record here in Waterloo.

    Latest ad compared to earlier versions

    There are very few differences in their claims between the ad that ran in the Western Standard in March 2006, except this time I was unable to find claims that HGH is known to reverse:
    multiple sclerosis
    peri-oral dermatitis
    ankylosing spondylitis
    panic attacks
    rheumatoid arthritis
    The Live It! advertisment now includes the dubious claims that HGH is know to reverse the following. Note that they make this statement without using the word GHR. This is basically false advertising, no matter what they say!:
    autoimmune diseases
    macular degeneration
    chronic fatigue
    hepatitis C
    chronic constipation
    high blood pressure
    asthma and menopausal symptoms
    helps kidney dialysis
    helps heart and stroke recover
    This company should have been prosecuted by Health Canada for violations under their old and new regulations, AND by the Competition Bureau for making false claims in its advertising.

    The company and their agents have attacked Health Canada viciously and threatened a lawsuit against them for years. Why has this been allowed to continue?

    BIE Health Products adv. in Western Standard - March 13, 2006 page 11Despite actions taken against BIE Health Products over the years, and their bogus lawsuit against the media and myself, the company continues to market their products in Canadian media. In the latest scam they bought space in Ezra Levant's Western Standard Magazine. Its placement was aimed to have maximum impact because it showed up on page 11, in the March 13, 2006 issue. Western Standard was the magazine that published the Mohammed cartoons in the February 27, 2006 issue that created a great flurry of publicity.

    Click on the advertisement to read. Note that the copy was actually written in 2000, and is similar to the other bogus ads that ran in other magazines.

    The same advertisement was repeated on July 3, 2006 - page 41. It's obvious to me that neither Health Canada, who is being sued by BIE Health Products, nor the publishers of The Western Standard magazine are going to anything about this. They have little power to enforce the law, nor integrity to do what is right.

    Click to read another BIE Health ad from the U.S. Its on page 12 of this California Legion Magazine.

    The U.S. company also placed another full-page advertisement in the January 31, 2005 issue of the "National Review". In that ad they again made bogus claims that their product would help the following conditions. Of course, anyone who believes that any of the following conditions could be helped must have a major problem with reality.
    The ad was for the BIE Health Products U.S. location. :

    HGH is known to reverse Hemorrhoids, Multiple Sclerosis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Macular Degeneration, Cataracts, Colitus, Fibromyalgia, Angina, Chronic Fatigue, Diabetes, Hepatitis C, Rheumatoid Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, Sciatica, helps Kidney, Dialysis and heart and stroke recovery.

    All you had to do was to call their number to order - 1-877-849-4777.

    History of BIEHEALTH web sites and domain registries

  • BIE Health - Latest web site - Web site from October 16, 2005 - Note that the GHR links are all sponsored. There does not appear to be any marketing of their own GHR-15 product from this new web site. The web site is now registered to a company in Pompano Beach, Florida. The registration gives no indication that the company BIE Health Products was actually in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.
  • BieHealth.US site Doesn't this look familiar? It's registered to Richard Beemer who lives in Burlington, Ontario Canada. Now, how could a Canadian register a ".US" domain name?
  • BIE Health - Burlington, Ontario - Web site from June 11, 2004
  • BIE Health - Burlington, Ontario - Web site from February 20, 2003
  • BIE Health - Burlington, Ontario - Web site from October 18, 2001

    Actions against GHR and HGH marketers

    • Search Google News for the latest news on FTC against HGH products

    • FTC Targets Bogus Anti-Aging Claims for Pills and Sprays Promising Human Growth Hormone Benefits - Stefan Karian and Dr. Teplisky get what they deserve
      Settlement Provides Up To $20 Million In Consumer Redress - Two Florida businesses have agreed to a federal court order requiring them to pay up to $20 million in consumer redress – the largest monetary judgment ever obtained in an FTC health fraud case – to settle charges that they deceptively claimed that their pills and sprays would increase consumers’ human growth hormone (HGH) levels and provide anti-aging benefits, including weight loss and increased cognitive function. In addition, the Commission has issued warning letters to more than 90 Internet marketers making similar claims.
    • Health Canada warns consumers not to use human growth hormone drug called GHR-15 - June 7, 2005 - But, they have taken no action because of their deceptive marketing even though the complaints have been compiling for years against BIE Health. Even the Competition Bureau has done nothing to stop these scammers.

      The company is backed by Trueman Tuck, of the organization. And another thing, the bloody web site is still up and it still makes false claims. They are also located in the U.S. doing business as That really gives it a great name!! NOT.....

    • FTC blows Nature's Bounty apart in major decision - October 2005 - As reported by NCAHF's Consumer Health Digest. This is the second time in the last decade that this company has been successfully charged by the FTC. NBTY hit for $2 million penalty. NBTY, Inc. has agreed to pay a $2 million civil penalty to settle charges that it violated the terms of a 1995 FTC consent order by making false and misleading health claims about two of its products. The FTC charged that the defendant made unsubstantiated promises that its products would cause consumers to lose weight or cure a variety of health problems.

    GHR Old and New Marketing Sites

    Health professionals who sell GHR type products

    • Great American stuff - Ultimate HGH - or Ultimate Scam? Stephan Karian "values you" as a customer. That's why he buys time for his Great American Products on Canadian and U.S. AM-radio stations every week. Have any of the products he sells been evaluated by the FDA? Have the claims been proven worthy by the FTC? Your guess is as good as mine.
    • Steven Forrest -- With the new diagnostic and treatment tools now available aging has become a treatable condition. Many of the undesirable aspects of aging can be slowed, stopped and even reversed!

    Dangerous and misleading information

    Trueman Tuck's other clients and links

    If you are a mental health care professional and had to evaluate the historical evidence and were then given the privelege examining Mr. Trueman Tuck, it might be vital that you know about his other activities. Some of them are of a social nature, while others are just meant to annoy politicians of every stripe. Tuck is a true Libertarian. But, interestingly enough, rarely does Tuck tell the whole truth about his successes and failures, especially when communicating with officers of the Court across Canada.
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