Truman Tuck - Tyranny of the Mind

Who is Trueman Tuck?

Trueman Tuck at anti-Codex rally in Bonn, Germany 2003 Trueman Tuck - Tyranny of the Mind is a glimpse into the mind of one of the world's most staunch advocates for alternative health products. Mr. Tuck has traveled to the far corners of the world to defend us from the evils of organized medicine and Big Pharma.

He's represented the interests of many manufacturers and distributors of natural health products and devices, both inside and outside of court. In 2005, he co-authored the first edition of a book along with Carolyn Dean who lost her medical license to practice medicine in Ontario, Canada. Death by Modern Medicine: Seeking Safe Solutions: 3rd Edition

The book was published by Matrix Vérité Inc., a company that is managed by Trueman's son Greg Tuck.

Tuck has testified before Parliament, ran for Parliament on a number of splinter right-wing libertarian parties, and has continued to lobby the Canadian government against restrictive regulations of natural health products for decades. He has launched a number of controversial lawsuits against the government, including a number of them that included the Queen of England, the Canadian government, the media across Canada, and of course Dr. Terry Polevoy, MD.