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  • Lawsuit Against Canada's Minister of Health

    Why would anyone want to file a lawsuit against
    the Canadian Minister of Health, Pierre Pettigrew?
    Court file - T-1198-04
    Filed in Vancouver, B.C.
    Attorney for the Plaintiff - Shawn P Buckley - Kamloops, B.C.
    June 22, 2004
    Between The Aliance of Natural Health Suppliers, Inc.,
    Freedom of Choice in Health Care Inc.
                        - and -
    Her Majesty the Queen in the Right of Canada and
    the Minister of Health of Canada
  • Full Statement of Claim - .pdf file
  • Full Statement of Claim - .html file

    Most of the people behind the lawsuit are certainly no strangers to the fight against the regulation of natural health products. In fact, one of their boosters is actually a member of Parliament, James Lunney. Some of their supporters, like Patrick Timothy Bolen (aka Tim Bolen), is a notorious liar, and his defamation of Dr. Terry Polevoy, and others on the internet is legendary. One of the plaintiffs in a defamation lawsuit, Dr. Stephen Barrett of Quackwatch, has this opinion of Bolen. When Bolen acted as the publicist for Canadian cancer quack Hulda Clark, who now hides out in Tijuana so she can't be charged for defamation. Bolen has recently published several links about the battle against Health Canada on his web site:

    Why Bolen is such a supporter of the health freedom coalition is no surprise. A few months ago, when Hulda Clark was barred from entering Canada for a presentation at the Total Health Expo 2004 he could do nothing about it. That's the health show where James Lunney, Peter Helgason, Trueman Tuck, and others met to share their plans and their potential courses of action against Health Canada.

    It was no secret that someone in the crew of health freedom wackos was out to get those who were responsible for actions taken by Health Canada's inspectorate against Truehope and Synergy Group. There were open threats made against specific individuals who have worked for Health Canada, both in local enforcement and at the very top of the bureacracy. Notice of those threats were sent to the government months ago.

    The health freedom movement in Canada has been fueled through a series of lawsuits over the years. Some of them have been won, some of them lost in the courts, and others have been dropped.

    Perhaps the best-known Canadian health freedom fighter was Jim Strauss and it's not just a fluke that Shawn P Buckley, the Strauss Herb Company's attorney back in 1999 is now the lawyer of record for the latest lawsuit.

    At a health freedom symposium held last Fall in Toronto the masses gathered to hear James Lunney, MP from B.C. who introduced Bill C-420 and others discuss the issues, and raise money for their war chest.

    • International Health Freedom Symposium Schedule of Events - .doc file
      Date:  October 11th - October 12th, 2003.
      Location:  Holiday Inn Airport East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
      Enough is enough!  Our foods are not drugs!
      It's time to fight back legally, politically and scientifically!
      Keynote Speakers
      Saturday October 11th, 2003.
      Trueman Tuck ­ Chair of the Friends of Freedom Canadian Legal Team, 
      President of Friends of Freedom  & Moderator ­ 
      Opening Remarks: 
      Shawn Buckley ­ Constitutional & Criminal Legal Specialist ­ Updates on 
      Strauss, Truehope, BIE Health Products, Freedom of Choice in Health 
      Care, Canadian Alliance Health Retailers & Alliance of Natural Health 
      food Suppliers Legal Actions against Health Canada: 9:30-10:30am
      Dr. James Lunney ­ MP ­ Private Member's Bill C-420 which is intended 
      to clearly define all NHP's as foods and remove Health Canada's legal 
      ability to interfere with the NHP industry: 10:45-11:45am
      Peter Helgason ­ President of Canadian Coalition for Health Freedom ­ 
      The betrayal of the NHP community by Chretien and MacClellan regarding 
      the new regulatory environment in Canada for NHP's

  • What If Snake Oil Really Isn't?
    Karen Selick, a libertarian attorney from Trueman Tucks city of Belleville comments on things. An edited version of this article first appeared in the April, 2004 issue of Canadian Lawyer. So this has nothing to do with the Strauss decision back in 1999.

    "Virtually everyone involved with natural health products‹including the federal government's Office of Natural Health Products (ONHP)‹agrees that this state of affairs must end. In a report to the Minister of Health dated March, 2000, the ONHP recommended the repeal of 3(1) and 3(2) of the Food and Drugs Act. Four years later, the law remains. A private member's bill to repeal those subsections, Bill C-420, was introduced by MP James Lunney last year, but probably won't make it through parliament before the election is called.

    Prosecutions are rare, but not unheard of. Kamloops lawyer Shawn Buckley has handled the defence of the Strauss Herb Company and its principals a few times. He believes subsections 3(1) and 3(2) would probably be found unconstitutional as a violation of the Charter guarantee of freedom of expression, if the case ever got that far. However, after he gave notice of a constitutional challenge during one prosecution, the Crown agreed to stay the charges."

    Articles of interest

  • Health Freedom Update - from Trueman Tuck and other contributors, including stories about MP James Lunney, and MP Rob Merrifield. Note the article by Carolyn Dean, who had her registration to practice medicine in Ontario permanently revoked. You can find ads placed by Tuck's company on how you can buy comfrey and kava kava. Both of those products if taken internally can cause liver failure, and they are not allowed to be sold in Canada. Does Health Canada really care? Well they damn well ought to care. The Health Freedom Update is not just full of baloney, it is dangerous to the public's health. Just take a look at the anti-vaccine article on page 6 by Edda West.

  • Charges stayed in herbalist trial - Buckley uses the Charter of Rights to fend off Health Canada actions in 1999.

  • Copy of lawsuit. - Another link to the lawsuit is on National Health Coalition web site: - This is yet another one of Trueman Tuck's creations that was supposedly created to oppose the kava kava ban.

    Internet registration of the Natural Health Coalition on July 8, 2004:

  • The old registration is not available - Here is what it looked like in July 2004
    Server Used: [ ] = [ ]  
      Status:         EXIST
      Registrar:      2ic Systems Inc. (SmarttNet)
      Registrar-no:   528
      Registrant-no:  569635
      Domaine-no:     569635
      Renewal-Date:   2005/02/04
      Date-Approved:  2003/02/04
      Date-Modified:  2004/01/27
      Organization:   Natural Health Coalition
      Admin-Name:     Peter Ferlow
      Admin-Postal:   Natural Health Coalition
                      910 Keith Road
                      West Vancouver BC V7W2N1 Canada
      Admin-Phone:    604-926-7485

  • Click here to see who it is registered to in June 2007

    Peter Ferlow's sites:

  • Personal web page
  • Ferlow Brothers web site
  • Google groups search for Peter Ferlow

    Trueman Tucks bizarre posts and links about Health Canada:

  • Health Canada's Censorship is putting your health at risk!@ - Press release
  • Health Canada/Care
  • Sam Spade search for
    Registered to Trueman Tuck, Belleville, Ontario = [ ]  Status:         
        Registrar: Co.
        Registrar-no:   156
        Registrant-no:  944788
        Domaine-no:     992735
        Renewal-Date:   2006/02/06
        Date-Approved:  2003/02/06
        Date-Modified:  2004/06/01
        Organization:   002024972 ONTARIO INC.
        Description:    002024972 ONTARIO INC. [Belleville  ON Canada]
        Admin-Name:     Trueman Tuck
        Admin-Postal:   002024972 ONTARIO INC.
                        P.O. Box 22070
                        belleville挈ĶN ￿￿N ��7 ��nada
        Admin-Phone:    6139682613

  • The, another Trueman Tuck creation, is now merged with the Alliance of Natural Health Suppliers :
  • Sam Spade search for
  • Full page newspaper advertisement - June 30, 2003

    Note, that most of Tucks's creations are under the same 002024972 Ontario Inc. numbered company. It also includes:

  • Alliance of Natural Health Suppliers
  • Trueman Tuck's home page Repost of defamatory article by Tim Bolen
  • Trueman Tuck's press release on June 30, 2003

    Health Canada's Censorship is putting your health at risk!

    TORONTO, June 30 /CNW/ - "The abuses at Health Canada are totally out of control, and they are adversely affecting the health of Canadians in violation of the rule of law, science, and common sense", says Trueman Tuck, the national coordinator of the Friends of Freedom: Check out page A-11 of the June 30th, 2003 National Post to learn more about the wonderful results that Canadians are obtaining from the use of safe and effective food-based, non-drug medicines, and treatment by non-medical doctor health practitioners for bi-polar disease, heart problems, and arthritis?

    See and for the details of the Liberal promises, and the four lawsuits currently underway to stop this nonsense.

  • Friends of Freedom announce the lawsuit

    Health Canada: Press Release:Federal Court Action filed against Pierre 
    Pettigrew Posted by AES
    Friday, June 25 @ 18:28:09 EDT     [ Bill C-420 ]
    Attention - Urgent Press Release
    On June 22nd, 2004 an historic grassroots' legal action [see attached 
    file] was filed against the federal government and the Minister of 
    Health Pierre Pettigrew challenging federal jurisdiction in health.
    It is our opinion, that the federal Liberal Government, over the last 10 
    years has substantially violated the Constitutional structure of our 
    Paul Martin and his Liberals are violating the Charter rights of 
    Canadians, and deliberately acting illegally!
    For more information contact: Trueman Tuck, Legal & Political 
    613 968-3007, or e-mail:
    Paul Martin's outright lies about fixing the "Democratic Deficit", and 
    "Having all of the answers about the scandal to the people before 
    calling and election" must not be forgotten".
    It took over 700 years from the Magna Charta to now [see] to create in Canada the finest "Rule of Law", 
    constitution based democracy in the world.
    The Liberals have in 10 years pitted sectors of our society against 
    each other to give the Prime Minister's staff almost absolute power, and now 
    have the nerve to call a Honourable person such as Stephen Harper 
    Look at what happened with the broken promises by the Liberals in 
    Monday June 28th!
    You owe it to yourself, and every Canadian.
    Federal Court Action between ANHS and FCHC
    Download it here!

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