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  • Deepoket Chokcrap's totally right way to
    hold an ear candle.

    Deepoket Chokcrap says that Shoppers DRUG MART has given up on selling smokes in New Brunswick and Ontario because there are too many unemployed nurses who can't afford their inflated prices for their cigarettes. He is glad to help out and his burning desire for fame and fortune in Canada is most assured.A book tour is in the wings. Deepoket is so very very happy with his calling and so is Shoppers. He is also thinking of doing a plug for Orgaine Super-strength hair grower as soon as his option on Amaazing discoveries is up. The infommercials for his patented self tanner called DTS ( Deepoket's Tandouri Skin) is a real hot seller.So who knows what he has under that rug of his?

    If you are impressed and gullible you can become an Earconologist

      You can increase your income, improve your hearing, smell and taste all by sending this guys your hard earned money. There's no licensing, no malpractice, no guilt. They just take people's money without shame. It says so right on your certificate. You too can join the thousands of satisfied customers of the Rev. Charles A. Thomas. While you're at it, why not sign up for the binging/purging/crystal/enema courses. With psychic friends like this who needs cable TV.

    Instructions to follow if your client becomes alarmed if wax enters their ear canal

      Use your own judgement as to when to extinguish the candle. I usually let it burn to one inch (2.5cm.) above the plate. Do not let the candle burn down too low, as the flame may melt the wax within the candle and cause it to flow back into the ear. This could be very uncomfortable. If, by a freak accident, this happens. DO NOT PANIC. It will not cause any damage to the ear. Stay calm and turn your client's head sideways and wait till the wax cools and becomes firm. It will still be quite pliable and can easily be removed with a cotton swab or even fingers. In over 100 ear candlings, I know of this happening only once.

      Use the wet paper towel to put out the flame. I use a wrapping, draping motion, and it works quite well.

    FDA recalls Ear candles from North Carolina Triad

    Lots more seizures of ear candles by FDA in States

    Dr. Dean Edell's opinion

    Amazing Candles for Kids and Canines, too

    Ear Candles: An Canadian Ear Doctor's Perspective

      A recent article in the October 1996 issue of Laryngoscope published the results of a survey of 122 Ear, Nose and Throat doctors. Fourteen of these physicians had treated patients with complications of ear candle use. There were 21 reported ear injuries among 20 patients. These injuries included 13 burns to the outer ear and ear canal and seven cases of the ear canal being plugged with the candle wax. One eardrum was perforated.

  • Healthwatcher's Ear Candling - for fun and profit