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  • Ear candling fraud
    Special Report
    • U.S. FDA orders 15 companies to stop marketing ear candles. Finally an official government agency clamps down. Some of the companies had promoted the products for use in children as well as adults. Over the last four months since these actions have occured there doesn't seem to be any fewer companies who are marketing these dangerous products.

    • Health Canada's opinion - Feb 14, 2002 Consumers are advised to avoid this dangerous and ineffective treatment. You may report complaints and concerns about ear candles or any other medical device to Health Canada through the Therapeutic Product Programme's toll-free Hot-line at 1-800-267-9675.
    • Health Canada's statement in Adobe .pdf format
    • It's Your Health - Health Canada with links

    • Ear Candles: Previous FDA’s Regulatory Actions and Current Position - The Alternative Medicine Committee - American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery has been working for several years with the FDA to get ear candles removed from the market. There is clear evidence that these products are not only ineffective, but they also are dangerous.

    • Terry Polevoy's shot at ear candling in the K-W Record Ear candling is just another fine example of consumer health fraud, and the poor job that Health Canada is doing to protect the public. Ear candling is not only fraudulent, it is dangerous. Ears can be injured and treatment may be delayed for serious health problems. Consumers have no idea that even when these products are used by a licensed health professional such as a nurse, that they are in violation of their own regulations.

    • Why Ear Candling Is Not a Good Idea - with links to FDA Detention and Enforcement reports

    • Ear candles made in Canada seized in U.S.

    • Ear Candling: Conflicting Information, Confused Consumers - Audiologists review of false claims From a professional standpoint, it sounds absolutely ridiculous. To consumers, however, some of it sounds like the answer they’ve been searching for. Audiologists and other hearing health care providers are best able to help consumers and patients if we’re aware of what they’ve been exposed to. There are literally dozens and dozens of websites, health-food stores and pseudo-science books dedicated to ear candling. Consumers should be wary of the claims made regarding ear candles. Lots of great pictures in this article!!

    Do you ever wonder happens to all the ear wax that Shoppers Drug Mart collects during these Healthwatch events? Do you know that Matinee cigarettes won't tell us what their secret ingredients are? Hmmm, hmmm good!

    Shoppers Drug Mart adds Ear Candling to their HealthWatch pharmacist's war against that most Deadly Disease - E-A-R-W-A-X

    Note the vertical position of the candle. This is totally wrong, in violation of the sacred rules of the Knights in Waxy Tights. In order to prevent damage to the ear canal and brain cavity, the candle must be held in a horizontal position.

    Please push here to see the correct placement as demonstrated by Deepoket Chokcrap, Shoppers Drug Mart's medical advisor.

    Come One Come All to Shoppers Drug Mart - Conestoga Mall March 11th is your chance to see
    The Amaazing Ear Wax Expo.

    See SuperNurses
    Suck Wax Big Time

    Not covered by OHIP cause the Ontario Minister of Health at the time, Elizabeth Witmer, won't let taxpayers
    "take it in the ear".
    She reserves that for MDs.

    Take My PLEASE

  • Let's snuff out ear candling - Dean Edell
  • Lisa Dryer's comments on Ear Candling - As proof that ear candles work, people say cut one into and look at the wax and impurities it's drawn out of your ear. It can cause severe damage to the ear drum. A study done in London, Ontario is included.
  • CBC's Marketplace waxes on ear candling
  • A Skeptics Dictionary
  • Seely's study in Larygoscope - some patients actually had more wax during the experiment than before. Plus, it's dangerous
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