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Royal Jelly - Cass Ingram

Toronto - Total Health Expo March 2002

Cass Ingram flashbacks

What do snakes eat for breafast?

He's back again folks. This year it's Royal Jelly, and of course, he wants you to buy his brands.

Do you know what you had for breakfast today? Cass Igram wants to know.

Well, if you didn't take Royal Jelly, you're a loser!

If you really want to hear what he had to say, you can order the tapes from the Consumer Health Organization.

Bee pollen and Royal Jelly links

  • NCAHF None of the claims for Royal Jelly have proven scientific value, and several have potential for harm. Although rare bee-related items can cause serious, even fatal reactions; to wit: royal jelly (an 11-year-old Australian girl with asthma died after taking royal jelly. (Phelan M. "Health warning on natural cures," Herald Sun (Melbourne) January 5, 1994.)
  • Search NCAHF for "royal jelly"

  • Quackwatch Royal jelly, which is secreted from the salivary glands of worker bees, serves as food for all young larvae and as the only food for larvae that will develop into queen bees. Like bee pollen, it has been falsely claimed to be especially nutritious, to provide buoyant energy, and to have therapeutic properties. Bee pollen and royal jelly should be regarded as potentially dangerous because they cause allergic reactions.

  • FTC Actions

  • Asthmatics should not take it

  • Critical Care warning - more deaths

  • Summary of 2 deaths - Australia requires warnings

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