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    • Dr. Whale's Cancer links

    • One answer to cancer - The Metabolic ApproachTo the Successful Resolution Of Malignancy BY DR. WILLIAM DONALD KELLEY, D.D.S., M.S.
      "Dad has taught me to search for the truth, even if it means questioning what others readily accept. I will always be thankful that my father had the insight to find the truth, and the courage to say so."
      • Understanding what cancer is, taking a positive spiritual attitude of optimism toward it.
      • Determining positively if cancer is present.
      • Taking sufficient nutritional supplements.
      • Proper detoxification of the body
      • Maintaining an adequate, proper, well balanced diet.

    Naturopathic links

  • Breuss"Another herbal naturopath to cure cancer was the Austrian, Rudolph Breuss. He healed cases of cancer of the larynx, intestines, breast, kidney, leukemia, abdominal, uterine, hodgkin’s, during the 1970’s."

  • Dr Richard Shulze, N.D., M.H. - Naturopathic herbalism. - A paranoid review of this quack's most exciting life:"Dr Shulze wanted to cure the "incurables" but had to live as an "underground" man as he could be arrested. He ran a secret clinic for 20 years, but then made the mistake of giving a public talk. Within weeks he was in jail, but escaped on a technicality. He then quit his secret practice to teach his methods of curing the incurable diseases."
  • Dr. Schulze's students dedicate this web page to him"This site contains vital data to stay healthy or heal yourself from illness, including incurable diseases. Read the information on herbs, alternative medicine and their healing power. Learn how a master healer helped thousands to regain their health and get rid of cancer, AIDS, heart disease and other "incurables".
  • Dr. Schulze's prescriptions to cure most diseases" These herbal formulae and programs were developed and used by Dr. Richard Schulze in his now-famous clinic for almost two decades. Thousands of patients healed themselves of every disease and illness. Thousands more worldwide experienced miracle cures."
  • Dr Jan De Vries is universally acknowledged as one of the world's leading Naturopath's and natural health experts. Jan has conducted research and held lectures all over the world and has regular question and answer broadcasts on several BBC and commercial radio stations.

    The Death of Debbie Benson

    Debbie was a registered nurse at the Kaiser hospital in Portland, Oregon, but she had a deep distrust of standard medical practice. She didn't have a mammogram for nine years, and when she did -- in March 1996 -- it showed a cancerous lump in her breast. She had the lump removed, but she refused the additional treatment her doctor recommended. Instead she went to a naturopath who gave her -- among other things -- some "Pesticide Removal Tinctures."