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HealthWatcher. net is operated by Dr. Terry Polevoy. We focus on medical, health, and diet scams as well as the sometimes wacky world of alternative medicine. We do not receive any funding from drug companies, or medical organizations. Our web sites are funded by small individual donations, or through the sales of products like the amazing selection of Aubible Books that you can download and listen to you on your PDA or your own computer.

We have invested hundreds of hours each year to update and maintain those sites, and we appreciate your help and feedback whenever possible. If you have found our sites of use please accept our invitation to support our efforts.

These donations will support research, writing, and legal actions that can protect many people from being misled by bogus products, practitioners, and the organizations who sponsor them. gives you some of the best values on the internet. Downloaded automatically every month, or just choose what you want to read, or listen to. They've got tons of stuff to enjoy on your I-Pod, MP3 Player, PDA, or personal computer.

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