Autumn Stringam's book tour 2007

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    Autumn Stringam is Tony Stephan's daughter. She's been busy promoting the latest version of her autobiographical book, Promise of Hope.
    It was published in September 2007 by Harper Collins, a major Canadian publisher.

    The publisher also rolled-out a video on, and one of Autumn's brothers claims to have placed a dozen or so copyright videos on YouTube as well. It would appear that this is in violation of copyright laws.

    So far, she's been on radio stations in major markets, and articles have appeared in most large regional newspapers. Of course, most references to those who have questioned her story about Empowerplus over the years have been left out. Harper Collins seems to have trained her well in the art of public presentations.


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    Synergy Group - True Hope or True Hype?

    Part 3

    The ultimate folly would be for Bonnie Kaplan to communicate directly with Tony Stephan in regards to Health Canada's denial of their research. Well, in January 2002, Health Canada sent Dr. Ian Mitchell, the Director of the Office of Medical Bioethics a letter that told them to stop all research at the University of Calgary with EMPOWER+. All subjects must be notified and the sponsor must ensure that the subjects would be assessed, and their care transferred to an appropriate professional who can place them on standard therapy.

    In May 2003, about 29 months after that letter, the protests began in front of Anne McLellan's office, the Canadian Minister of Health Office because Health Canada was so frustrated that Truehope ignored all letters that they started seizing shipments of EMPOWERPLUS to Canada. Finally in June 2003, several women paraded in front of Parliament to protest that their rights were being violated.

    A chiropractor, and MP James Lunney, was part of the protest in Edmonton, and stood up in Parliament to criticize the government's decision to shut the door on EMPOWERPLUS.

    Several web sites were set up that contained articles, radio, and videos of broadcasts that were obtained and reproduced without permission. On one of the web sites they posted several interesting things that we would like to present to you now.

    1. Letter from Robert Peterson, Director General of Health Canada to Ian Mitchell o the University of Calgary - January 2, 2002.
    2. Fax sent from Bonnie Kaplan, PhD to Tony Stephan - October 29, 2001 - page 1. This is a copy of a fax that Bonnie received from Dr. Mona Akoury which describes what was wrong with her research. This and the next three pages are very detailed. Anyone with half a brain could see what was wrong with her research. Why she faxed this to Tony Stephan, and why he would allow this to be revealed is beyond belief.
    3. Page 2
    4. Page 3
    5. Page 4