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Red Umbrella Ladies carry the Truehope banner

The Red Umbrella ladies web site doesn't tell you the whole story about their trip to Ottawa but it does give personal testimonials from those who support EMPOWERPLUS as a way to treat serious mental illness.

  • Red Umbrella ladies on Parliament Hill Archived site - Autumn Stringam allowed the name lapse in 2005, and it was recently taken up by a Tea Company in the Toronto area. The link above is a list of all of the archived sites from 2003-2005." "We expect to continue on this path, ultimately to have a place in changing health laws in Canada to suit the needs of the people rather than the needs of Canadian industry." My letter to the Red Umbrella ladies on June 18, 2003

    Dear Red Umbrellas:

    Your campaign has nothing to do with Canadian Industry.

    Your campaign has everything to do with protecting the rights of your own company to exist and to provide misinformation to the public. Testimonials don't prove a thing. Stick to the facts. There are many facts that you and your friends choose to totally ignore.

    Your "company" was told by Bonnie Kaplan who sent your father a fax years ago about the 32 reasons why research was halted. Why did she do that? Do you think that she did that for her own health?

    Any logical person could understand why this was done. Is there something inside your minds that could not comprehend this?

    People have been hospitalized because they went off their usual medications and placed on your drug. Your assistants encouraged this most of the time in your phone shops. They even took orders and had shipments made to people who didn't even have mental illness.

    The public relations campaign has sought the assistants of a chiropractor who really doesn't know squat about mental health nor Health Canada regulations. It is really unfortunate that you did not research this before hand.

    If the drug you people are selling, or buying, or supporting really does work, where is the evidence? Where are the animal safety studies? Where are the studies that show that pig pills really work even on pigs? There are none, and that is the entire foundation for your pills and the key to why they were marketed in the first place.

    You can't provide any of this to the satisfaction of the government or to intelligent observers. Lie after lie continue to be placed on the internet about the company's objectives and what the product(s) could do. The press has been manipulated to the point where it is hard to tell who really writes the editorials.

    It would really be nice to have something to take to wipe out the mental illnesses that plague our nation and the world. But, your product has not proved its safety or effectiveness to anyone's satisfaction, particularly to those who have been injured by the interference of your company's assistants in the lives of those who have been talked off their meds over the telephone, or in numerous meetings around the country.

    Please allow those who object to your presence on the internet to express their views. All posts to some of the chats organized by your "friends" that are critical have been quashed. Is this any way to run a web site? This is total and complete manipulation, and your friends need to allow free _expression.

    Please go back to the drawing boards, and do the research in compliance with Federal drug regulations. Tell your university researchers that you want them to complete an IND application and to the same thing that everyone else has to do. So far that has not been done.

    It may be too late for those who have suffered major setbacks because they heeded the advice of your company's assistance. Why don't you tell their story, too.