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Synergy Group - True Hope or True Hype?

E.M. Power+ has morphed into EMPowerPlus and their new brochure was shipped by Evince International from Farmington, Utah - July 2002

  • Page 1 - They have reorganized to serve you better. Just call them EMPOWERPLUS DIETARY SUPPLEMENT. "Evince's mission is to enhance the lives of individuals seeking to maintain mental or emotional health, by providing the highest quality, clinically studied nutrition products, health enhancing lifestyle systems, and a compassionate support program."

    In all its products and programs, Evince will embrace and exemplify:

    • Science-based innovation
    • Bringing new life and hope to people
    • Educating the individual

  • Page 2 - Nothing has really changed. They are still claiming that Charles Popper conducted clinical research at Harvard and McLean hospital in Boston area.

  • Page 3 - They claim that "Research on EmpowerPlus is positive". They quote from Charles Popper's paper that was published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. The problem is basically that Harvard has told us that no "research" was done.

  • Page 4 - Physician's information kit includes a product guide, a nutrient protocol, and a reprint of the "clinical research report" by Charles Popper. They say that this kit "may not be used to promote, market, or sell EmPowerPlus and is intended for healthcare professional's review only.

  • Page 5 - S.A.F.E. Call System. A graphic representation of a patient's progress.

  • Page 6 - S.A.F.E. Call System. A tabular representation of a patient's progress.

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