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    Alternative practice support is mis-directed

    Michael Pilon, DDS

    I have noticed that the Ministry of Health is promoting "Alternative" health care. I would say it would be more appropriate were you to promote investigation of so called "Alternative" health care. I find it interesting that unregulated and undocumented methodologies such as Chinese medicine is included in your goals. In China anyone who can afford Western care is seeking it.

    Would you trust an Airline that tried a hit and miss approach to flying ? This is what many alternative practitioners are doing. I used to go to a Chiropractor until he began to preach against vaccines. According to him and his association adjustments increase the strength of the immune system. No studies as he told me they were expensive...Right.... I was at a talk where a Naturopath spoke about acro-cranial adjustments for ADD. I have a daughter with diagnosed ADD. After some 20 "Adjustments' He pronounced her "Cured"..Right...

    My son had twitches, he too was adjusted....again cured , it was a "problem with neck muscles" A year later he was diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome.

    I should know better than to have sought this "Alternative" care. I am a Dentist with a post grad education in Public health but as the alternative practitioners say, "You have to have an open mind" Right.

    I am ashamed and worried to see our health care dollars being used to promote what is at best marginal care. If the Liberal Government is really concerned about health care then set up valid studies. The Ministry of Health should not be told how to set up a valid scientific study...but if this concept is foreign to you please write back and I will set you on the right trail with qualified scientists.

    But it seems to me like a transparent attempt to garner the Ethnic vote...etc... Come on this is Canada. Let us introduce the newcomers to Canadian scientific medicine. Our life expectancy is far greater than in lands where bear livers and frog toes are used as medicine.

    Please tell me that my concerns are misplaced.

    Dr Michael Pilon, CD BSc DDS DDPH
    Mike on the Bike
    Ottawa Canada