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    Sheila Copps - a medical adventurist

    To: The Honourable Sheila Copps
    Minister of Culture

    Dear Ms. Copps:

    I wish to express my great concern with the recently reported (National Post - May 2) proposal for creation of a government funded organization for the study and delivery of "complimentary medicine". The proposed $100 million would be far better spent on enhancement of existing and proven medical services and facilities rather than the mumbo-jumbo world of quackery and pseudo-scientific "medical " treatments.

    Please forgive my frankness but if you (and Minister Rock) actually believe that:

    "By establishing the school of complementary medicine at McMaster University, ........... said practitioners of alternative medicine could shed their image as "quacks" and become full contributors in the health care system."

    You have truly been duped. No amount of study or funding is likely at all to change the fact that naturopathy, acupuncture, herbology, a great deal of chiropractic, homeopathy, iridology etc. etc. are quackery, "ethnic community frustrations" and the 43% of Canadians who reportedly use complementary medicine notwithstanding.

    What these purveyors of quack medicine have failed to gain in legitimate medical acceptance by application of scientific principles of investigation, they are now attempting to realize by the political route and sadly are becoming ever more successful.

    It's time for politicians to stop listening to the scientifically illiterate masses (I realize that sounds arrogant but it is true never-the-less) and quack-med con artists and start basing decisions on rational, science based data and critical analysis.

    If you and your colleagues are wise, you will promptly look a little deeper and hopefully drop this nasty business - Canadians don't have time or money to waste on fruitless and futile medical adventurism.

    Thank you for taking the time to listen to my concerns....

    Laurie Forbes
    Calgary, AB