Blind Faith: The Unholy Alliance of
Religion and Medicine

by Dr. Richard P. Sloan, PhD
Blockbuster New Book tackling the thorny issues about religion, prayer and medicine. If you've been told that you have an incurable illness, and that prayer will help --- think again.

This book will open your eyes. Dr. Sloan is a professor at the Columbia University School of Medicine and he introduces us to the major players in this new area of Christian evangelism. The studies purporting to show any health benefits from going to church or "being religious" are all so flawed as to render them useless. Using his epidemiological knowledge, Sloan carefully shows the reader how one should analyze claims from the media and claims in journals that purport to show a connection between religious behavior and improved health.


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  • Live Cell Microscopy
    - If it quacks like a duck it is one

    Chiropractors, Mennonite farmers, little old ladies who live in a shoe who had so many children they didn't know what to do hawk this expensive nonsense that basically helps sell useless vitamins to unsuspecting customers. You would think that the Kitchener-Waterloo area of Ontario, Canada would be just a little more sophisticated than this. But, then again, our medical system in the area leaves a lot to be desired. So instead of going down to London, or Hamilton to get your arteries reamed out by MD's, why not visit The Healing Arc, or a few local chiropractors for a Live Cell evaluation. Who needs MD's anyway, we've got palm readers, iridologists, and all the rest right here in the Golden Triangle.

    Come take a tour of some interesting Live Cell sites. Warning, sensitivities of some health professionals may be hurt by reading this page, but my eyes are so sore from learning about iridology, ear candling, and live cell microscopy on your sites, I hope you will understand.

    North America Live Cell Sites

    Spokane Valley MicroMed Research scams the public

    • Government says Spokane Valley business not clinically certified to examine blood cells - KREM-TV Sacred Heart Medical Center's director of hematology says "This is at best, bad science."
      KREM 2's Dawn Picken discovered a Spokane Valley business that may be breaking the law with the procedure. the state of Washington is investigating two complaints against Meagan Walsh for being an unlicensed health care practitioner as well as running an unlicensed blood lab. "Blood work certainly could be considered care that would be regulated," said Washington Health Department spokesman Donn Moyer. "If it looks like medical care and it sounds like medical care, it's medical care."

      But Meagan Walsh is not a doctor or a nurse or a chiropractor. "I'm just a scientist," she explained. "I received a PhD and earned it in orthomolecular biology."

      [If you have $900 you can take a course and learn "live-cell microscopy" and scam people too. why is it that the Federal government has't taken action against the use of these bogus devices?]

    • Meagan Walsh's bogus health clinic under investigation - Bill Morlin - Staff writer Inside a Spokane Valley clinic, a 76-year-old man fearlessly sticks out his finger to allow "Dr. Meagan" to draw a sample of his blood in a procedure that costs $125. The patient apparently was unaware that the clinic, MicroMed Research, is under investigation for being an unlicensed blood laboratory by the Washington state Department of Health. He also apparently doesn't know that Walsh, who calls herself an "orthomolecular microbiologist" and a "certified microanalysis technician," obtained doctoral and undergraduate degrees from Columbia State University - described by authorities as an unaccredited "diploma mill." While Walsh's degrees may not be genuine, it's the state's blood lab laws that may shut down her "live cell analysis" business. A Department of Health investigation is examining whether Walsh is involved in the unlicensed practice of health care. She and her former husband, Hugh Smith, moved to North Carolina in about 1989 and worked as Christian counselors after leaving a Four Square church in North Idaho where they both served as pastors. "I've been everywhere," Walsh said. "Now, I'm just trying to support myself."

    • MicroMed Research home page Meagan Walsh, Ph.D. and Clint Bone, EFT have helped many individuals to feel great again, significantly adding to the quality of their lives. So many people out there are suffering and unable to get relief through ordinary methods. Orthomolecular study involves the use of baseline nutraceuticals and other natural methods to help clients feel their best. [I guess being Christian doesn't give anyone the right to scam the public, does it?]

  • The Healing Arc - Kitchener - A social worker, and mother of 12, associates herself with Dr. Zoltan Rona on her web site to sell Live cell microscopy, and weight loss management to customers. "Live cell or blood microscopy is a screening test to help determine the optimal diet and natural therapies for a given individual. Analysis of the blood by the microscope is as old as the practice of medicine itself. Live cell microscopy was pioneered by scientists like Gaston Naessens, creator of the 714X alternative cancer treatment." (Now why didn't they make it a 715X alternative cancer treatment, it just sounds better, eh?)
  • Zoltan Rona, MD - Toronto - Justifies Live Cell Microscopy, and Colloidal Silver. "Many deficiencies, biochemical imbalances or toxicities can be detected by LM long before routine lab tests show any problems. Early nutritional intervention through diet change and supplementation can then be implemented to prevent disease." (What a site for sore blood? Do you know that he and George Traitses both say that they have the MSc from the University of Bridgeport. I wonder who taught them?) 
  • WENDY KRUPSKI is in the business of doing live cell microscopy, just like Dr. Zoltan Rona, and chiropractor Katrina Kulhay. Only they are regulated health professionals, and she's a hair dresser.
  • Live Blood Analysis - Victoria, B.C. - How a mining engineer learned to love the blood and bought a machine. Note how this bozo makes use of the HON code without adhering to their guidelines. It is a total scam.
  • Get the scoop ready folks because Infinity-2 is here and selling in your town, even as we speak.
  • Focus 2000 - Iridology in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan does it all
  • Caron Devita - The Holistic Alternative - Certified Colon Therapist/Live Blood Cell Analyst. "When I analyze the blood, guesswork is eliminated. One client may require a cleansing program while another may simply need a balanced multi-vitamin/mineral program (programs may be suggested but not recommended). If the system is challenged with toxins, it is important to cleanse the body first," says Caron. "With the microscope, I can see toxic substances, so if a program is required, individual specific needs can be met. I ask to see my clients in one month, this way, together we can view the positive changes that occur before and after a program. Every time I look at blood, I'm just as excited as my client!" - (She puts it where the sun don't shine and you watch it on TV, 'Oh My')
  • George Traitses - Scarborough - The Infinitely busy chiropractor with a partner who also does ear candling. 
  • Solid rebuttal from medical science

    • Search Google for "live cell debunked"

    • NCAHF - Stephen Barrett, MD - According to a flyer from a Los Angeles chiropractor: "Live Blood Analysis is a simple procedure for obtaining a quick and accurate assessment of your blood. With only a sample, taken virtually without pain from your finger, [the test] is able to provide a composite of over 25 aspects from your live blood. Darkfield microscopy now allows us to observe multiple vitamin and mineral deficiencies, toxicity, tendencies toward allergic reaction, excess fat circulation, liver weakness and arteriosclerosis."
    • Blood Testing Fad Alarms Experts - by Pamela Fayerman, Vancouver Sun Health Issues Reporter Source: Vancouver Sun - November 1, 1997. "Opponents of live cell analysis say it is used to sell vitamins and supplements."
    • FDA warns "live-cell" marketer

    • Disciplinary Action against Harold J. Dykema, D.C. for using Live Cell

      714-X - scammers - politicians - Health Canada

    • GASTON NAESSENS' 714-X - NCAHF newsletter July 1993 - A wonderful description on the early year of Naessens scamming people in France. It's hard to imagine how this bozo ever qualified for immigration into Canada in 1972. It was he who convinced former Congressman Berkeley Bedell (D-Iowa*) that 714-X had cured his prostate cancer (even though Bedell also had standard therapy). Bedell became so enamored with "alternative medicine" that he got Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) to introduce a bill, which he lobbied personally, that eventually established the NIH Office of Alternative Medicine -- an office which thus far has functioned mainly as a public relations benefit to quackery (a result of a suspension of the standard rule that NIH contractors not use their NIH affiliation for publicity).

    • Sumeria - "In Naessens' theory, the microcycle of the somatid is held at three stages by blood inhibitors, which consist of certain digestive enzymes, hormones, and minerals. Poor diet and stress apparently reduce the number of blood inhibitors, allowing the somatid to commence its extended 13-phase macrocycle. The presence of these extra somatid forms signifies the beginning of degenerative disease before it has manifested itself in the body. (It's not a place I'd like to be.)
    • Learn more about this man in his own biographical sketch. (Modesty is not one of his virtues, obviously)

  • Gaston Naessens - Inventor and ? " an esoteric researcher from France who now resides in Canada. He invented a high power microscope with a unique light source which allowed him to see microorganisms which had only been seen before by Rife with his universal microscope and Rosenow with his special staining techniques a decade earlier. He also developed a compound which he dubbed 714-X for the treatment of immune related disease." 
  • National Cancer Institute won't study 714-X - Boston Globe 2004
    The cases of five patients who say they were cured of cancer by a controversial alternative medicine were not compelling enough to justify a government-funded study of the 714X compound, the National Cancer Institute apparently has decided. Health Canada approved the compassionate use of the compound after Naessens was acquitted in 1989 of charges of practicing medicine without a license and negligent homicide in connection with the death of a woman with advanced breast cancer who had been treated with 714X. Earlier in the 1980s, he was charged in France with practicing medicine without a license and paid a fine. The medication’s popularity soared after Naessens’ acquittal in Canada. In recent years, the drug has gained popularity in alternative- medicine circles and through the Internet.

  • Christopher Bird's Obituary - The article mentions a trial against Gaston Naessens in 1989. "Chris Bird was best-known to our readers as the author of The Trial and Persecution of Gaston Naessens (originally: The Galileo of the Microscope). He also was a world expert on dowsing and was writing a book about water at the time of his death." - (I wonder what killed him? Could Zoltan, George, or Marlene have saved him?)
  • Pixley court case - 1995 - Appelate court upholds decision
    The indictment sets forth two objects of the alleged conspiracy. The first object charged was defrauding the FDA by impairing and obstructing its lawful regulatory function. The second object alleged was the introduction of an unapproved new drug in interstate commerce in violation of 21 U.S.C. 331(d), 333(a)(1) and 355(a). Although either object could have served as a basis for the conspiracy count, the district court found that the government proved both objects beyond a reasonable doubt. (District Ct. Op. at 16-17.)

  • 714X PROMOTER SENTENCED TO PRISON - Charles Pixley, 48, president of Writers & Researchers, Inc, of Rochester, NY, was sentenced to one year and a day in prison, plus 3 years of supervised release and 200 hours of community service last July for selling 714X, a quack cancer remedy from Canada, to Americans. [FDA Consumer, 11/96] Comment. What makes this story compelling is that 714X is the quack remedy that so enamored former Congressman Berkley Bedell that he was motivated to push for and eventually see established the NIH's Office of Alternative Medicine. (Why is this device used by Canadian chiropractors and untrained lay healers in Canada today?)
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