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    Polevoy tells the truth

    This series of posts appeared on Usenet Groups (Google) as a response to Ilena Rosenthal's continuous barrage of defamatory comments and reposts by others.

    From Ilena Rosenthal

  • Ilena posts her declaration to the court Even though the declaration was dated May 30, 2001, it took two months for her to post this to this Usenet newsgroup. It was followed by numerous responses from those who support her, and those who are critics.

    From Terry Polevoy

  • Terry Polevoy's response
  • From: (Terry Polevoy)
    Subject: Re: Portion of My Declaration about:  Terry Polevoy, M.D.
    Date: 31 Jul 2001 20:46:52 -0700
    Dear folks,
    Ilena Rosenthal has lied in her deposition about me. She has done this
    intentionally and maliciously. These are my thoughts.
    Christine McPhee's statements imputed by Ilena Rosenthal during her
    deposition in the recent court case are totally false.
    There is absolutely no evidence that anything said by Tim Bolen is
    true about Christine McPhee's show.
    There was zero evidence of stalking found by the police.
    In fact they found that the complaints were groundless, and not worth
    the paper that they were written on. They could not believe that they
    were called in to do the investigation while dangerous crminal
    activity was ignored. They were really annoyed.
    Ilena Rosenthal further elaborates about something that she knows
    absolutely nothing about, and that is the truth.
    The articles that I have done on alternative medicine are not on "hate
    sites". In my opinion, Ilena Rosenthal has supported dangerous and
    deceptive un-scientific practitices and practitioners, some of whom
    are licensed and some of whom are total quacks. I don't think that the
    judge knew anything about these people, but I could be wrong.
    The support of these people and their web sites could endanger people
    to undergo unsafe medical or dental practices. They could encourage
    parents to avoid immunizations that might injure not only their own
    children, but others in their communinities.
    For Ilena Rosenthal to support the thoughts and pontifications of
    anyone who provides this misinformation on a public web site is a
    The decision of Judge Richman is not final here. The opinion will be
    Those of you who believe that I am right, please let this group know.
    Terry Polevoy, MD
  • Kirk Kolas' reflections on Christine McPhee
    Ilena Rose wrote:
    > 39.   I called McPhee in Canada and spoke with her at length on the
    > telephone.  She told me that the information in Tim Bolenšs post was
    > accurate and spoke of how terrorized she felt and how she had called the
    > police for protection.  McPhee said she did feel stalked, did call the
    > police, and a police report was written, as Bolen stated in his opinion
    > piece.
    McPhee is a kook.  I sent a number of email complaints to her show and 
    received incoherent rants in response.  Here is an example of one of 
    her responses to my complaints:
    (begin quote)
    "What's Your phone Number?
    And I never promoted her!
    You better get your facts straight.
    and I demand a number immediately!
    To completely get your head straighten out!"
    (end quote)
    Very professional.
    I sent yet another complaint to the Touch of Health show that read:
    "Because you seem unwilling or unable to respond to my complaints in an 
    appropriate manner, could you please supply the email address of the 
    producer of the show (or someone who is willing to address these issues)?  
    I urge you to conduct yourself in a more respectable manner."
    Her response was:
    (begin quote)
    "Please respond with an address where the information can be served to you
    (end quote)
    This is what is commonly referred to as "Bolenspeak"... a thinly veiled legal 
    threat that had earlier been used by Bolen himself.  No doubt McPhee sought 
    out Bolen's advice on how to deal with pesky veterinary students.
    Her show was (thankfully) canned... with behavior like this, is it any wonder why?  
    It might also have something to do with the fact that her show was crap.
    Kirk Kolas
    Ontario Veterinary College
    Class of 2002

  • Rosenthal wanted to misinform everyone again Rosenthal claimed that an article written by Lily Casuras, a woman who lives in Washington State and who published her story in a Canadian Magazine called Shared Vision, was a true description of the Christine McPhee situation. Unfortunately for Rosenthal, this couldn't be further from the truth. The article that appeared in the January 2001 issue was defamatory, and both myself and Stephen Barrett wrote to the editor. The entire section of the issue that contained the defamatory material was removed, and we received an apology from the editor. The link above contains the letter of complaint to the magazine, and their response. Unfortunately, because of the availability of archives of this site, the article is still easily available.
  • Polevoy's response to Rosenthal's repost of the Casura article in Nov. 2003 The illogical motives of Ilena Rosenthal are a puzzlement. Why does she continue to present previous defamatory and libelous statements of others after the recent Court of Appeal's decision in California? It's illogical indeed. I think that since she wants to bring up the Lily Casura article again, it might be time for a little Common Sense 101. Who in their bloody right mind would continue to post copyrighted articles that have been previously withdrawn from the Magazine's web site because the content of them was without question, and baseless. Who, but Ilena Rosenthal, that's who. Who is the liar here folks?
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