Rosenthal denied request for assignment of
Dr. Terry Polevoy's Ontario Health Plan Income

California lawyers led by David Shagam, Mark Goldowitz, and Paul Clifford, acting on behalf of Ilena Rosenthal, attempted over many months to force Terry Polevoy to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars that was owed to them in the Barrett v. Clark court case - C-833021.

On July 9, 2008 Stephen Dombrink, a Judge of the Superior Court of the State of California, County of Alameda rendered what is most likely a final decision in this case. >

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Judgment Creditor Ilena Rosenthal's request for an assignment directed to the Ontario Health Plan is DENIED.


DATED: July 9 2008


Stephen Dombrink
Judge of the Superior Court


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  • Hulda Clark robs Tijuana woman of chance to survive deadly cancer!

    How Hulda Clark Victimized My Parents

    by Patricia Chavez

  • Posted on Cancer Treatment Watch - August 2007
  • The daughter of a deceased cancer patient has written a vivid account of her mother's experience with Hulda Clark, the unlicensed naturopath whose book Cure for All Cancers states that all cancers can be cured within 5 days. Shortly after being diagnosed with osteosarcoma (a bone cancer), the mother refused standard treatment and went to Clark's Mexican clinic instead. The article describes how, after more than a month, Clark pronounced that the mother was cured and advised her not to get an MRI because because even though her malignancy had been killed it would take time for the tumor to reduce in size. Several weeks later, an MRI showed that during Clark's treatment, the tumor grew to two-and-a-half times its initial size.

    "I strongly believe that if she had not undergone Clark's treatment and had sought treatment from a real doctor from the beginning, she would be probably be alive today. Clark robbed my mother of any real chance of survival. She is absolute and total fraud. She told my mother she was cured? Yes, cured and that her malignancy was gone. Now, my mother is dead.

    I find it frightening that despite of all of Hulda Clark's legal troubles, she has been allowed to continue to treat patients for many years. I am absolutely appalled that she has affected so many lives and continues to do so. She preys on people's desperation and fears. Hulda's treatment is cruel and inhumane. Extractions, cavitation scrapings, horrid living conditions in a cheap motel, and the list goes on. Something needs to be done to stop her from doing this to other people."

    Rosenthal continues to defame Dr. Terry Polevoy

    After the Supreme Court of California decided that Rosenthal could get off on a matter of Federal Law, she went on a rampage. Perhaps it was spurred on by the fact that the FDA and Health Canada decided to approve silicon breast implants.

    Of course she initiated a barrage of lies and defamatory comments on her own web site. But then, she decided that instead of repeating the lunatic ravings of other people who she championed in 2000 that led to the original lawsuit, she began her own posts. The main thread on the began on December 3, 2006 and I assume that it will continue for many years to come. Among the defamatory and untrue allegations that began were the following:

    1. Regarding Adam Dreamhealer -

      "It is despicable Polevoy's maniacal behavior ... attempting to hunt down and discredit and smearing him at every turn."

      "What a contrast to the hatefilled, crazed letters Polevoy shoots off to anyone who writes about Adam favorably. Adam and his family must protect themselves against the intrusions of Terry Polevoy. "

      "His insane need to find the address and identity of then teenager, Adam Dreamhealer also shows instability and going beyond acceptable boundaries, in my opinion. "

    2. "Terry Polevoy is a frightening out of control maniac ... And yes, these are my opinions, based on being one of his many targets for nearly 6 years now. "

    3. Regarding Christine McPhee (who is now Mrs. Christine Summers) -

      "Ms McPhee was definitely terrorized by Polevoy ... he still watches her every move and posts"

      "In my opinion, he should never have been followed around to the point of her needing to call the police. He made her his target .."

      "She was justifiably terrified of him ... he went beyond any professional criticism in his reign of terror. "

      "I do believe, that Polevoy's attentions to Ms McPhee did amount to stalking ... and that is how she felt. "

      "I have seen pleny of stalkers and women raped by men who want to control them, and when I first read about Ms McPhee's experiences, I became extremely concerned about her. "

    4. "Polevoy in a maniacal manner went after Ms McPhee ... Adam Dreamhealer ... Dr Clark ... Dr Len Horowitz ... Truehope ... etc. etc. etc."


    Of course none of her allegations against me or others have ever been proven in any court of law, and the police investigation proved that Christine McPhee WAS NOT STALKED, and yet she continues to lie about this and other issues. Adam McLeod's parents did have a lawyer from Vancouver try to threaten me and my ISP. Those absurd complaints went absolutely nowhere.

    Ilena Rosenthalitis - an incurable disease?

    Ilena Rosenthal for obvious reasons has always had a knack for sticking her foot in her mouth. As of mid September 2006 she had posted over 50,000 Usenet messages where she had ample opportunity to attack just about everyone on planet Earth who doesn't agree with her point of view. Despite the fact that the libel and defamation lawsuit against her was heard by the Supreme Court of California, she continued to post defamatory comments all over the internet.

    Why she does this we may never know, but how she did this, and what she said in those posts is the subject of this Special Edition.

    It is clear that Ilena Rosenthal has no interest in settling any lawsuit in California. A fine example of this can be found by simply searching the internet for the thousands of posts that have accumulated over the last few years. Instead of remaining silent, she has flooded the internet with more defamatory remarks, and untruths about many things. The ACLU and the EFF (Electronic Freedom Foundation) have unwittinly defend her untenable position despite this. The sooner the Supreme Court understands that Rosenthal has no intention of stopping her posts, the quicker the judgement will come.

    Ilena Rosenthal's Declarations about Terry Polevoy

    Posted on July 30, 2001 on Google Groups. This is where she posts part of the May 31, 2001 declaration that she made to the Superior Court in California. This was sworn before the court. Among the unsubstantiated claims that she makes are:
    • Christine McPhee told her that her statements made to Tim Bolen were true.
    • A police report was written because McPhee had called them because she felt threatened.

    [Of course the report said that there was no stalking at all]

    More Ilena Rosenthal Usenet (Google Group) posts

    Usenet posts about Ilena Rosenthal and Humantics Foundation tax status

    Infamous Usenet posts

    • Will Ilena Sing to the Supremes In the ongoing Saga of our local Malicious Gossip and Libel Spreader. Will she appeal the Appeals Court Decision? Will she take it to the next step? Will she take it all the way to the Supreme Court? Or will she cower behind the bushes of Costa Rica for the rest of her lonely existence? These and other questions will be on the minds of Kookwatchers Inc.

    • Not lost in translation Translation: Only an unreasonable person would have transmitted the information for public consumption, ie, that Rosenthal abused her position or acted unreasonably. The higher court reaffirmed that making an accusation that someone is engaged in criminal activity (ie, "stalking"), rises far above a simple insult. That could be either libel or slander, depending upon the manner in which it is conveyed, and whether or not injury can be proved. So calling Barrett a "quack" isn't necessarily defamatory, but stating that Polevoy IS a stalker could be. Given the biased nature of Bolen, Rosenthal, were she reasonable and given her position, was probably in a position to determine the defamatory character of the information: "Given the close relationship Rosenthal had with Bolen, the longstanding hostility between Bolen and Polevoy, and the very substance of Bolen's accusations against Polevoy, Rosenthal must have been on notice of Bolen's enmity."

      COMPLMENTARY MEDICINE RADIO SHOW SHUT DOWN BY QUACKWATCH - a fine example of Ilena Rosenthal's post of others defamatory statements. This one was from a medical doctor's wife named Helke Ferrie. She lives in Ontario and regularly performs at alternative health expos and writes books and articles about Canadian doctors who have been in trouble with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

    • New Extortion Letter from QuackBarrett ~ now he demands $2000 from me - August 25, 2000 She responded to Stephen Barrett, and copied Tim Bolen
      "How will lining your pockets with the $2000 you are attempting to extort from me rectify anything? I did publish Mr. Bolen's opinion piece in good faith.

      QuackBarrett ... I find your method of witch hunts and your history of chasing down and attempting to destroy the lives of those who don't goosestep to the AMA and the Pharmaceutical Cartel despicable."

    Humantics Foundation

    Humantics Foundation
    1380 Garnet Ave #E-444
    San Diego, CA 92109
    Board of Directors
    Ilena Rosenthal, Executive Director & CFO 	
    Rozann Rob, Secretary
    Financial Data
    From the organization's FORM 990EZ   
    Contact Information
    Contact: 	Ilena Rosenthal, CFO, Executive Director
    Telephone: 	(858) 270-0680
    Fax: 	(413) 235-0689
    Chief Executive Information
    Name: 	Dr. Angelo A. Zaffuto
    Profile: 	Dr. Zaffuto is a retired Sociologist and author of 
    the best selling "Alphagenics" and "Living Perfect Love: 
    Self Empowerment Rituals for Women."

    The Humantics Foundation provides free information and support for those with breast implants and other silicone products and those considering implant surgery.

    Federal tax number - EIN: 95-2664938

    This organization is not required to file an annual return with the IRS because its income is less than $25,000. It is a 501(c)(03) public charity. Information in this report was supplied by the nonprofit organization within the last two years.

    From web site - No tax form 990 filed
    1380 Garnet Ave Ste 444
    San Diego, CA  92109-3013
    Form Form 990 - Not required to file (income less than $25,000); No 990PF return
    R: $0
    A: $0
  views Ms. Rosenthal without rose colored glasses

    Ilena Rosenthal believes if she throws up enough foul smelling smoke, that folks won't notice the realities in life. . .But, she increasingly fails in her attempts, as the internet and newsgroup public reads Ilena's own versions of things, and see those versions chock full of very tattered holes.

    Ilena Rosenthal has been tossed off Trash Talk. She has been banned from Wikipaedia. And she has been removed as a resource from the FDA handbook on their website.

    We are sorry Ilena Rosenthal, if pointing all this out, is destroying your life!"

    Blogger loses defamation case

  • Jury awards $11.3M over defamatory Internet posts - USA Today reports - October 10, 2006

    If Ilena Rosenthal is reading this web site, and I know that she is, then she might want to pay a little bit of attention to the following case that was settled in favor of the plaintiff. In October 2006, a Florida jury awarded Sue Scheff $11.4 million U.S. judgement after she was accused by Carey Bock of Mandeville, Louisianna on an internet forum of being a con artist and a fraud. Scheff pursued the complaint even though there was no chance of collecting any money.

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  • National Public Radio's coverage - Oct. 13, 2006

    Hulda Clark's publicist Patrick Timothy ("Tim") Bolen's attack on Dr. Terry Polevoy

    In August 2000, a concerted effort was apparently hatched by certain individuals to destroy the professional career of one of Canada's leading experts on cancer quackery, Dr. Terry Polevoy of Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario.

    The barrage began with a group of e-mails from Tim and Jan Bolen's address that were directed to the CPSO (College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario). The date of the Bolen e-mails was August 12, 2000.

    Either Tim Bolen came up with the idea, or was directed by Hulda Clark to do it, or he was doing it on behalf of Christine McPhee, a radio talk-show host here in Canada who had recently been ousted from her Saturday afternoon alternative radio show, The Touch of Health.

    Bolen had been a guest on McPhee's show to promote the wacko cancer treatments and theories of Hulda Clark after she had been arrested in California. When complaints were made about the content of some of McPhee's shows over the previous year, it is possible that McPhee got together with Bolen to plan the attack against Polevoy.

    On August 16, 2000 Christine McPhee's letter arrived at the CPSO headquarters with exactly the same wording as Tim and Jan Bolen's e-mails.

    E-mails followed from many others over the next 11 days including Richard Copeland, Craig Zee, Gordon Corp., Sharon Birzvilkis, Jeanne Gagne, Todd Gastaldo, and Julian Winston. Gerald Foye sent a letter from California where both Dr. Polevoy and Dr. Stephen Barrett were accused of being "either unbalanced fanatics or the attraction of subversive finances to support their affairs is greater than their moral conscience".

    Todd Gastaldo, a chiropractor who has a history of behaving badly on the internet, sent a disjointed e-mails about chiropractic to the CPSO, and accused Dr. Polevoy of being a murderer. I believe that his psychiatrist in Oregon is still looking after his needs to this very day.

    The CPSO deliberated for months until April 6, 2001 when they rendered their final decision.

    Questionable promotions and interviews by Christine McPhee

    More lies and personal attacks triggered by Tim Bolen and Christine McPhee

    • Tim Bolen's infamous "Sleazy Quackbuster Scam" post is still up - Sept 19, 2000 "I have a “project” North American health freedom fighters can get their teeth into. Read this article - get angry - and then get involved. It’s all explained here - and the reasons to get involved are obvious. And, we made it easy... It is all done on the internet.

      The “Touch of Health Radio Show” with Christine McPhee was shut down the other day by Canadian Radio Executives acting under FALSE information provided to them by the “Quackbusters.” It was the biggest “Alternative Medicine” show in Canada. We need to get the show back on the air - and the “quackbusters” need to get smacked hard..."

      "IT IS TIME TO PUSH AND SHOVE - and find out who is behind Barrett, Polevoy, and the others - and give them the bill for what they’ve done to North Americans."

      "Don’t get me wrong, lots of people have successfully defended against them - beaten back the attack - so to speak. But no one, so far, has made the attackers themselves, bleed, or wish they had adopted some other life activity. No one has made the attackers pay for what they’ve done, and do, every day, to the people of North America.

      IT IS TIME FOR THAT. And, I’m about to tell you how to do that - how you can help begin the smashing of the conspiracy, the destruction of the plotters, and help save the lives of millions of North Americans who are now being denied first-rate health care because of those conspirator’s activities."

      "In Polevoy’s attack on McPhee, first he tried to shut her down with scare tactics; stalking, and intimidation techniques. Polevoy followed McPhee for months from place to place, peering and peeping at her from concealment, but letting her know by e-mail afterwards that he was there... Terrified, McPhee called in the police - who visited Polevoy with some very pointed questions."


      Round One...

      Five things need to be done by health activists, not just by Canadians, but from around the world. All can be done on the internet. All five of these things need to be done by each and every supporter, and they need to be done all at once. Sample e-mails are at the end of this instruction.

      (1). A complaint with the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons about Polevoy's activities. Those activities involve several issues.

      (a). His STALKING (make sure you use the word "stalking") of Canadian radio personality Christine McPhee. Emphasize his actions of "following her around" to her radio show sites. Make sure you say that she had to call the police to get him to stop following her - and that the police kept two uniformed officers on site for some time, to deal with Polevoy. Mention the fact that you have heard that there were "others" (and there are) he followed (but you don't know their names). When they investigate they'll get those names.

      (b). His "hate" website, which was completely inappropriate behavior for a man using the term "MD" after his name (professional misconduct). Emphasize the fact that Polevoy's website attacks drags down the medical profession as a whole. Make a big deal that his "hate" website was so offensive, and Polevoy was so "out there," that his Internet Service Provider finally took his site down at 3:30 PM on July 4th, 2000 - permanently. Mention his connection with the subversive “quackbuster” organization.

      (c). His website is, and was, so virulent, that it brings into question Polevoy's mental state. Ask the question "Does the College of Physicians and Surgeons have an obligation to protect the public from those in a state of mental disorder?

      (d) Ask the question "Considering that Polevoy's actions were public for some time, why haven't you acted before to stop this MD's professional misconduct?"

      (2). An “Urgent” complaint to the Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) about the radio network taking Christine McPhee off the air, allegedly, because of Polevoy's lies and misrepresentations.

      Emphasize that this is a significant “Canadian social issue” in which the radio network, without any investigation on their own, has taken the side of the “allopaths.” Emphasize that Polevoy and Marchuk, lied, and/or misrepresented facts, in their complaints - and that the radio stations did no investigations of the actual facts. Emphasize that the radio stations that made the decision to remove “Alternative Health” from Canadian Broadcasting have a financial interest in the issue (they own the MD shows).

      Include, in the complaint, a description of Polevoy and his "hate" website. Send a copy of the complaint to the radio stations, and the networks and the station owners. This is a "restraint of freedom of speech issue, and a balance issue." Ask the CRTC to “Remove the license of any Canadian radio station which does not do “balanced” broadcasting in this significant social and political issue. Send a copy to the local newspaper.

      (3). (a). A complaint the CBSC exactly like the one above, plus below...

      (b). Complain to the CBSC that they, themselves, have apparently failed in their mission to “inform their member broadcasters of significant social issues.”

      (4). A complaint to the station owners - same as above...

      (5). Send a copy of the above complaints to all Ontario MPs. Make sure you send a cover e-mail that states that the Ontario College of Physicians has been aware of Polevoy’s activities for some time, and has obviously chosen not to discipline him. This, in itself, shows the OPSC’s tacit approval of Polevoy and his activities - if not their own involvement.

    • IAHF.COM - August 19, 2000This post is still on their web site, and it has encouraged people in great detail how to contact Trueman Tuck of Belleville, Ontario and file libelous and defamatory complaints against Polevoy and others with the CPSO, the CMA, the Minister of Health and other MPs, the CRTC, the CBSC, the CAB, and radio network executives, to get rid of Polevoy and others who oppose alternative medicine and who they blame for McPhee's show being

      "banned from Canadian airwaves".

      "The people who got her banned are arch enemies of health freedom and must be exposed all over the world. Please forward this to more people. Anyone can get on the IAHF email list by sending email to ........ or via the listbot menu on the IAHF website at

    Christine McPhee files false report with the Waterloo Regional Police

    On March 17, 2000 the Waterloo Regional Police, acting on complaints from Christine McPhee and possibly others, completed their investigation of Dr. Terry Polevoy. Two detectives arrived at his house in the evening to interview him and then rendered their conclusion that there was absolutely no basis for the complaints filed.

    Terry Polevoy's Declaration re: Tim Bolen, Hulda Clark et. al. lawsuit

    Patrick Timothy Bolen, aka Tim Bolen, and his wife Jan, made certain false allegations in various e-mails, on web sites, and in posts on the internet about myself and others. None of these allegations have any basis in fact. They are defamatory. He orchestrated a campaign to take my medical license away, and to destroy me personally and professionaly. He consorted with others to do the same. He also made personal threats against me, and encouraged others to do physical harm to myself and others.

    Articles focusing on Christine McPhee controversy

    • Unhealthy radio on Talk 640 - NOW Weekly - Nov 22, 2000
      by Colman Jones

      Public fed weekly two-hour infomerical for unproven remedies

      Toronto radio listeners interested in alternative solutions to health problems have one less outlet since Talk 640 yanked the Saturday-afternoon The Touch Of Health show hosted by Christine McPhee. With nasty accusations flying on both sides, the demise of McPhee's infomercial raises questions about the role of scientific verification in the natural health field and the problem of conflict of interest in ads dressed up as programming.

      McPhee is adamant that her show "consisted of information of high calibre." Many of the guests who appeared were "credible, informative and back up their information," she assures me. But that's not what her antagonist, doctor Terry Polevoy, believes. He has made it his mission to discredit purveyors of what he sees as bogus remedies.

  • What Dr. Polevoy has to say
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