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  • Tim Bolen can be held accountable

    Bolen doesn't know fact from fiction

    For those of you who don't know who Patrick Timothy Bolen is, or what he believes, get ready for a shock. He has taken positions in defense of numerous medical and dental professionals who have been at the leading edge of quackery and consumer fraud. He misrepresents legal proceedings at every turn. It seemed to start when he was brought on the Hulda Clark team to keep her from going to jail for practicing medicine without a license. But, it hasn't stopped there. If you have been defamed, libeled or mentioned in any of Bolen's bizarre, and disjointed rants on the internet, you can help set things straight. You can help us sustain the defamation and libel lawsuit in California against Tim Bolen, Hulda Clark, and their associates.

    HuldaWatch - The General's Quarters
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  • Patrick "Timothy" Bolen aka
    - Hulda Clark's General

    Tim Bolen on display Tim Bolen on displayFebruary 14, 2000 - Tim Bolen (in reality Patrick Timothy Bolen) appears for a short visit to the radio show on the Delaware Valley radio station WNJC - 1360 AM. It happens to be just a few months before the pending trial in Indiana for Hulda Clark, and Bolen is out trying to raise public awareness. The claims made by Bolen are word for word.

    JJ: J.J. Bolton is the host of WNJC Holistic Health Hour
    TB: Tim Bolen, the general who leads the war for Hulda Clark

    The announcer introduced Bolton as the "virtuoso of nutrition"

    JJ: And I believe that talking about this third type of love, agape, and giving up one's life for others leads me into the introduction of our guest tonight. Brother Al, is Tim with us? And I wanted to just mention Dr. Hulda Clark who we have been dedicating our shows to, since her arrest and incarceration last Fall. As you know Dr. Clark has devised a natural and safe and uninvasive way of curing cancer which is well documented, has been widely published. And uh, for that particular work she was jailed for the second-degree felony of practicing medicine without a license, which by and large, definitely is a clear indication that we do not possess health care freedom in our country.

    And our mind should be focused towards that end, and along those lines I made an announcement back in October that perhaps the only way that we can achieve this kind of freedom is to an Amendant to our Constitution, just as suggested by the framers of our Constitution. Notably Dr. Benjamin Rush who's signature you will find prominently displayed on the Declaration of Independence, just below Benjamin Franklin, to the left of John Hancock. Dr. Benjamin Rush told us that there would be what he called, these are his words, "an undercover dictatorship" which will hold the American public in essentially in a prison that would prevent them from getting the kinds of care that they would need. These avenues would be sacrificed on the alter of commercialism.

    And tonight we have with us someone who is closely affiliated with Dr. Hulda Clark. We did the show with Dr. Frank Jerome in October which was excellent, and tonight we have with us Mr. Tim Bolen. Mr. Tim Bolen is you might say the general who is leading Dr. Hulda Clark's natural health army in this effort to bring awareness of these natural techniques to cure cancer to the American public. And in light of the fact although approximately $35 billion has been spent since 1970 on this seemingly elusive cure for cancer by the American Cancer Society, and other seemingly sincere research organizations.

    We want to tell you that Tim Bolen is going to tell you very assertively and very effectively tonight just how successful her techniques are, and exactly what her status is, what her status is as regarding the trial, her upcoming trial for practicing medicine without a license in the State of Indiana. Tim are you with us?

    TB: I sure am.

    JJ: Tim tell us first of all how is the weather in your part of the country this time of year.

    TB: I had to get a raincoat today JJ, not because it was cool outside, although the rain was kind of cool, but it's raining here in San Juan Capistrano, and we needed the rain.

    JJ: And you know the rain I think is going to portray symbolically a blessing for us in the Delaware Valley because we are excited to have you with us and we want to talk first and foremost about Dr. Clark. First tell exactly what your affiliation is with Dr. Clark?

    Hulda Clark from The Cure TB: My official title with Dr. Clark is that I'm her publicist. Unofficially I'm her war commander.

    JJ: So you are in effect the one who makes the decision regarding how Dr. Clark is going to be presented to the press and to the media.

    TB: That's a pretty good generalization. The attorneys in the case defend Hulda Clark, but she realized as well that her closeknit, close support team, that they needed to go on the offense and determine how exactly this happened. Knowing that it has happened to every leading cancer researcher that steps outside the borderline of the traditional treatment, chemotherapy, and radiation. Any, every, each and every researcher or MD that has gotten outside of those borders has come under attack. And, uhm my business is dealing with health professionals who are come under attack by a government agency or from someone. So she's the first cancer person that I have had as a client. We've had other areas which the same sort of thing happened.

    JJ: Now trial is approaching rapidly. What is the exact date of the trial. Give us some information about the status of what's going on up there in Indiana.

    TB: Right now there's supposed to be a hearing sponsored by the defense on February 8, that's been postponed. The hearing was at the request of the defense, it was a motion to dismiss the case based upon the rationale that the prosecution had more than five years to present a case against Dr. Clark, and that seven years is way too long, and you have a right to a speedy trial anywhere in this country.

    JJ: Uh, I heard something to the effect that the prosecutor and the judge had thoughts, or had actually removed themselves from the judicial process for personal reasons. Is there any truth behind this?

    TB: Yeah, I'll elaborate. March 7th is the next slated date for the motion to dismiss, but they didn't check with the defense attorney when they scheduled that. He has a trial at that time for someone else. Uh, so it will be a little later than that, and we'll let everbody know. I'll be glad, I'll send you information about when that is, and what kinda help we'd like from your listeners.

    JJ: And how is Dr. Clark doing these days? Is she still continuing with her research or is she prevented from doing so due to the helter-skelter schedule with the trial?

    Why she's just like Mother Theresa, Tim saysTB: She's just doing just fine JJ. She's in Tijuana, Mexico at her research clinic. Now I talked to her there today. Uhm, she's just fine, uhm, she's in good spirits. It was a very traumatic experience for her. Uh, she's a petite woman, ah with a giant presence. She reminds me honestly, it's my first client ever to have experience with. I've never met Mother Theresa, but I've got a feeling in her presence that's what it would have been like. Uhm, let me tell you about what happened.

    On September 20th Hulda Clark was arrested by the FBI on a fugitive warrant, a fugitive warrant issued by the State of Indiana. Uh, she was held in a holding facility which is a contract with the San Diego Sherrifs Department, especially for prisoners to be shipped across the country, for 16 days. And then there was a hearing in San Diego where a judge was asking why she was still being held. And at that time many of her supporters showed up. They found Dr. Clark in the system and the judge was pretty well going to let her out because Indiana hadn't come to got her. They came to get her that day and shipped her back across the country in a patrol car. Uhm, some 37 hours in the back seat of a patrol car in her bathrobe. That's our justice system, at least they didn't chain her up, at least they...She says they didn't. They brought her back non-stop to Brown County Indiana at 2:30 in the morning. At 9 a.m. they had a hearing, reducing the bail, they reduced the bail from $15,000 to $10,000. One of her supporters walked in to the judge and gave him a bank check for the the $10,000 and she's been out on bail ever since. Uh, her spirits are good. She is gotta great building more and more support. Top names, people in the country coming foreward, offering help. The team, what I call Team One is organizing across the country and across the world, as a matter of fact.

    JJ: Team One is an organization which is comprised of yourself and the Hulda Clark Research Association, and loosely speaking what other parties or groups have affiliated with you?

    TB: Some unnamed people, but unless you've seen some of the things, uh, uhm...

    JJ: I heard the Libertarian Party is aligning with....?

    TB: We call them Team Two. Team One are the basic organizing structure that are conducting the campaign for Clark. They're doing the research to find out what happened, conducting the research necessary for the trial to help the defense. Uhm, and getting the word out to the public in terms of the Louisville event, the Columbus, Indiana event, the upcoming event in Toronto, uh, Mobile, Alabama, all the places that we are going to have seminars to introduce Dr. Clark directly to the public. Uh, television, event media sources, my area of expertise. But, there are others out there that are helping in our area. Isaac Oberndorfer (sic) in Manhattan has been absolutely wonderful in conducting the fund raising event. Uhm and uhm we just have people everywhere working on and making the connection that we need...

    JJ: And as per our conversation on the telephone the other day, Tim we're going to do our best to see if we can make arrangements for Dr. Clark to bring her entourage, and whoever she chooses to bring to the Philadelphia area and perhaps she can address the people to the Healthy Living Expo which will be held in Valley Forge in October of next year. We certainly would look forward to that. You are all invited and we will do our best to work out those details.

    TB: You know JJ I appreciate that and you're gonna get to meet me, because I'll be coming and standing right, we make a show, those of us large male individuals kind of stand in between Dr. Clark and the opposition. Suppose we could take a bullet, but we just hope that really doesn't happen. Sorry about that.

    JJ: God, God forbid. It's a wonderful work that she is doing. Let's talk a little about how you came in contact with Dr. Clark. I understand that you were doing work similar to this representing other health professionals who were being harrassed by various agencies, and this is how the contact was intitiated. But, give us a little bit of background on it exactly how you made the intitial meeting.

    TB: I had seen Dr. Clark's books a number of times. I'd only skimmed over them, I knew who she was, I knew she was a legend in the alternative health movement. Uh, she's a very feisty individual who I recognized had gone, made an end run around all of the means that are put up, all the barriers that are put up against her kind of research. Uhm, and I'll be honest with you JJ, I ....a good job. She was arrested on the twentieth of September, a Monday. Uh, on the night of the 22nd, a Wednesday night, I got a call at home from Frank Cooney who heads the Health Freedom Movement here in California and is carrying the Health Freedom Bill here in California, up in Sacramento. He told me what had happened, and he was digging through his phone book to find his inside phone numbers for the Clark family and the very next day, the first time I ever did that, I called the family, the Clark family and I told them who I was. I gave them an immediate list of references, phone numbers, and I alerted some of my clients to speak nicely please, you know what I mean. And because I wanted to get on this case right now. That's how I got it.

    JJ: Now, when we've read and spoken about excerpts or the ideas in Dr. Clark's, they are so phenominally different from many other speculations as to the causes of cancer. Especially because of the involvement of parasites in the human hosts, and the focus on especially environmental toxins, not necessarily as the primary cause, but simply as an adjunct to what the infestation of these microbes and other parasites that have on the system through the suppression of the immune system. Uhm, what is it that you see in the people that come to these meetings, I know that there have been open houses where the public has been able to come into close contact with Dr. Clark. And, you mention the aura or persona of a Mother Theresa. What is the expression and what is the overriding emotion and idea that's carried with these people? If you can elaborate on that to the standpoint of how is it that they were cured, how quickly they were cured, and uh, what is the genuine, sincere feeling, heartfelt feeling that they express to Dr. Clark when they meet her?

    TB: Complicated question JJ. Let me start with this. I met Hulda Clark for the very first time in Columbus, Indiana. I've spoken to her on the phone prior to that. She hired me from a jail cell, telling her family to do that. What a delightful, warm friendly human being. But she was a researcher and did not ever, hardly ever been in public. I've got a story for you. At Columbus, Indiana she demonstrated her syncrometer to a room full of people that had come from five different States to see her. And, she thought that they were there to see how the syncrometer worked, but of course they were fascinated with that. But when she got done demonstrating the syncometer, and was standing up talking to individual people, people walked up to her and touched her, and with tears in their eyes were thanking her for saving the lives of themselves or of people in their family, one after the other. And she kept explaining things about the syncrometer, and she looked a little bit flustered. This woman never realized the huge effect she's having upon the people who used her methods. She didn't, she saw it from a researcher's eye. That was the very first time, and after the tenth or eleventh person came up and touched her and asked to sign the book, or to anything about grateful they were in having drove and drove to get there. She began to realize that now she has public obligation to speak to people and tell more about her work. I can't explain it enough what the people are. We put out a call for backup information when we first came on board asking for uh uh, letters, or or uh e-mails or telephone calls of people who could tell their story to the media. JJ I am still getting over 100 e-mails a day. It's been since September, like how are things going, everything about Hulda Clark, every day. The letters coming in are phenomenal, the people who have learned to use her methods. And I wanna say this, I'm not a health professional and I'll tell you the truth, it's you know, I have to go and ask my wife where we keep the bandaids. But, Hulda Clark's truths are not complicated, that's the beauty of them. They're completely simple. It follows the philosophy, that the simple things work the best. And what do I mean by that? Well, personally speaking, I'm a person who has animals in their lives, dogs, cats, horses. And I know that every six months or oftener I wormed those animals and I once asked the question, how come we don't get wormed? And my doctor, my MD told me that uh you don't have to worry about that. We don't live in the Third World. How come we've got to worm my horses, my dogs or my cats, and if you forget to worm them you can tell? If you forget to worm your dog it will get all glazey eyed, and after you worm it, it acts like a puppy two days later. It occured to me why not us? Well I got proof and then after reading Dr. Clark's book, and going into the black walnut husks and worming yourself. Wanna take 15 years off your life, your age? Get wormed, this is so simple, it makes so much sense, to get rid of the parasites in your body. And you should hear some of the stories that ladies will talk about the horrors of what came out of their body after they did the parasite cleanse.

    JJ: I can sense some of the grotesque chuckles appearing in our audience right now Tim, but that's great, I love the way you're presenting this. What's interesting is uh...

    TB: Wanta help your children, go do the parasite cleanse. You wanta, you gotta child that's acting strangely, isn't doing well in school, maybe lith-listless? Hey you worm your dog and your cat, worm your kid!! Now...

    JJ: As to your remark that you're not a health professional, that's certainly okay, because at the .... Health Hour hear we are about the people's voice, and as you know I am the "virtuoso nutritionist". I'm a nutritionist who loves to study nutrition and a musician who loves to study nutrition, and the healing arts from every culture. If you'd like to correspond with us at the Holistic Health Hour, you can write to the Holistic Health Hour at post office box 593, Sewell, New Jersey. And the Zip there is 08080. Or give us a call toll-free 1-888-VITA721, 1-888-VITA721.

    And Tim Bolen is our guest tonight. Tim is the publicist for Dr. Hulda Clark, who's trial which was scheduled originally for around the 22nd of February has been postponed, has been delayed. And the reason for this, apparently is that the public pressure which we have put through radio shows like this, through the internet, through the great work that Mr. Bolen is doing for Dr. Clark, the public pressure applied to the agencies in the government and the people who are moving the case forward has created such a groundswell of public outcry that it is very possible that Dr. Clark's charges, and the trial may be dismissed. And that is wonderful news. And, we're talking about moving this forward now to the next step where Dr. Clark, as Tim was saying realizes uhm the responsibility to the public, to those many, literally millions of people in America, and throughout the world who have been diagnosed with cancer, who are dreading the absolutely awful, horrible spectre of the treatment.

    It makes me shudder to think about it. I've seen two people in my own family go through the radiation treatment, the chemotherapy, and the drugs involved, in what are your standard fare of treatment, through allopathic medical channels. And, the success rate is not very high. It's something that is absolutely terrifying, and for a physician to come onto the scene, as timely as she has, Dr. Hulda Clark, to introduce a means of detecting and effectively eliminating and detroying the sources of perhaps some 90% of the cancers caused in the human body is an awe inspiring thought. Tim tell us if the trial is dismissed, charges are dismissed, what are your first plans?

    TB: Well, Dr. Clark has decided that she must take the message to the public. She made that determination in a meeting, and we discussed the issues, what it would take to do that. To, to, to, to make everyone aware of what she is, and how she does it. And we discussed the issues, but you can not get these kinds of studies, these kinds of things through the establishment right now. There's, there's one point I want to clarify. You said that Dr. Clark is a physician, that's not exactly true. Dr. Clark is a triple PhD research scientist. She is not an MD. She does have an ND, doctor of naturopathy, but not an MD. An MD goes through medical school and they learn certain things. Dr. Clark is abov... operating at a level 12 times higher than that. She did her research work all of her life, got her masters degree at age 28, and she spent her entire life in research in a university system.

    She got into trouble after she retired as a researcher from the University of Indiana, where there she and her team would have done both cancer and AIDS research. It's important to know how Dr. Clark got in trouble. If you want JJ, I can tell you exactly what happened, how she got in trouble, how she got charged with practicing medicine, I think its interesting. Would you like to hear it?

    JJ: Well, Tim you know I'm glad you brought that up because I was coming to it. I wanted to say that what I had heard is that Dr. Clark, at least her original books, The Cure for All Cancers, The Cure for All Disease, and when she released the books, she was actually practicing in California and had an associate who was a medical doctor in Texas, and I heard, and this is just hearsay now folks, that she began to receive death threats, and that her associate, the medical doctor in Texas, whose name I do not know, was actually murdered and she left the country, and re-established a clinic in Mexico for those reasons. Is there any truth to that hearsay?

    TB: It's hearsay, uhm, I don't want to comment on that particular issue. I'm not going to fuel that fire without further information JJ. I'll check into that, I've heard that story myself, but Dr. Clark has not reiterated that to me. Uhm, Dr. Clark is conducting research with a research clinic in Tijuana, Mexico for pretty close to seven years, uhm, and ever since she left Indiana. Uh, although she had a residence in the San Diego area, and also business affiliations there. Her research facility is in Tijuana, Mexico where everything that she does is completely legal. You are able to do more things in other countries, as you are aware, every country but here. This is the most restrictive country in the world, even Soviet Russia is less restrictive in terms of what you can investigate medically, than the United States. Europe is way ahead of us, and that's where Dr. Clark is. Now what happened to her, after she retired from the University of Indiana, she wanted to do some research based upon some things that they had found while she was a researcher, and let me explain what happened.

    While they were doing AIDS research, her team, they came across something that was an anomoly. And what happened was this, uhm, they were sitting around one day and someone on the team says, "Remember when we were doing cancer research, when we found in the liver of every cancer patient, we found Fasciolopsis buski parasite." And the answer was, "Yeah, I remember that." Well guess what? Of all the thousands of parasites that could infect the human body, we're finding that Fasciolopsis buski in AIDS patients also, but this time we're finding it in the thymus. Now that's what is known as a "marker", that's something that you've gotta check into further.

    The next question they asked was, are there any other similarities, and they found in that in both cancer and AIDS patients, which were the only two things they were investigating at that time, that there are other.......They found high levels of certain kinds of toxins, typically isopropyl alcohol, which is rubbing alcohol, and benzene, which is basically dry-cleaning fluid. Now, uhm, ih ih ih that's also interesting. So they tried to get a grant to study this, and of course they were denied any funding at the University of Indiana for that.

    Well, Dr. Clark, when she retired, decided to do that research on her own. Here's an active woman, with a giant brain, who has no indication of retiring until the day she dies, uhm she decided to some research on her own and conduct it. A research in Indiana asked for people who had tested HIV positive to come in and go through a six-week research protocol, and etc. etc. which she did. She advertised and got people, and as a result getting people coming in, and they had to take the right test, they wanted to show they had the virus, to had get their own lab work done. Six weeks later she sent them back for the lab test, and they came back HIV negative. Now that's not something that AZT or any of the chemical mix can do at all. But, you can believe that after a period of time the bureaucracy for the AIDS people for the State of Indiana, people showed up wanting to know what... was... going...on. And they began an investigation of her by putting in fake people, uh and that's how the whole thing got started.

    Dr. Clark said, "To heck with this. If you're going to harass me over this, I'm going to California and do my research there. I'm gonna move there."

    Well she did, she left never hearing anything about it. Uh, six and a half years later they issued a warrant for her arrest based upon that research project in Indiana.

    JJ: It's interesting that you mention the AIDS patients, who had the Fasciolposis buski in the thymus gland. If our listeners don't know, the thymus is an intrinsic part of the immune system which creates the T-cells, and the T-cells in a situation like this of course would be damaged or in some way altered in a way that they would not be able to communicate effectively, and that seems to be one of the key facets of the auto-immune deficiency syndrome, in a full-blown AIDS case, the inability of the T-cells to communicate effectively.

    And, uh when you were talking about the patients in Indiana who were effectively cured in that 6 month, urr uhm I'm sorry , 6 week period, that seems almost too hard to believe in a 6 week period that this change could occur. But of course when you're talking about dealing with the irradication of these parasites from the system, we are talking about something that can happen quite rapidly with the proper application of the natural herbs that are well-suited for this purpose. Isn't that correct?

    TB: That's correct. Dr. Clark's basic theory that there is, as I said, it's completely simple. She says, "That the body heals itself, but it's up to the individual to give your body the best chance to heal itself, and prior to that to keep your body in a reasonably healthy condition so that you don't get these problems."

    Some people get them easier than others. You can be prone to get something once you've had it. Once you've got cancer you can get rid of it. You can be prone to getting it again. But she says,"You've got to keep you immune system, and so you have to do a number of things. You've got to get the parasites out of your body so that that parasite load isn't on your system."

    You've got to get, find out what kind of toxins you have in your body, including alcohol, benzene, and heavy metals, including the mercury that comes from your teeth, and add lead that you pick up at various places, irridium, and a lot of other metals, and especially men, who have 50% of our prostate where the metals seem to settle more than anything. Uhm, and you've gotta get rid of the toxins, including metals out of your body. You've got to identify them, too and that's where this thing comes, to find what's in your body and tells you, eventually and then you can figure out how to get rid of it. Once you got rid of the parasite and the toxins, guess what the body's going to take care of it.

    Her last book which is very complicated, the Cure for Advanced Cancer, she goes through the necessary steps, once you've gotten rid of the malignancy, to get rid of the tumors and the description of the tumors is how you make your body get rid of all these things.

    It doesn't work? Well, you know what, I gotta guess, she's got about 2 million supporters out here throughout around the world, and at one level or another. And, uh out of that there's an awful lot of people who will follow this her protocol and who I've met would say, "Guess what, I don't have prostate cancer anymore. Guess what, I don't have colon cancer. Or, my doctor told me that I must have had spontaneous remission."

    Because there isn't an MD out there who can accept publicly that what Dr. Clark and others out there like her in the natural field are able to do JJ.

    JJ: You mention the Syncrometer. I believe that our audience, many of them are probably unfamiliar with exactly what the Syncrometer is, that you're relating to. Can you explain that to our listeners please?

    TB: Sure I will. There's two different devices that Dr. Clark has, is affiliated with. But, it's the Syncrometer which is an analysis device, and the other is called the Zapper. Boy, I wasn't around doing public relations when they named that.

    JJ: Ha Ha Ha. That, that's a name that potentially makes people take a deep and thoughtful second look. But hee hee, we do want people to take a deep deeper look at all of this stuff because it is absolutely amazing, astounding, and awesome in its dimension for relieving the pain and suffering and the early loss of quality of life and death, DEATH that's occuring in increasing numbers of our population here in the United States as well as all over the world. I mean the increase in the cancer rates is phenomenal. With just breast cancer in women for example, 25 years ago the rates of breast cancer were perhaps 1 in 17-18 women, it's up to about 1 in 5-6 women. It's absolutely astounding how certain specific cancers have increased, and the overall rate of cancer, despite the $30 billion plus expenditure in dollars in cancer research since about 1970, the cancer rate and the death has actually increase just slightly. So, you know, this is a breath of fresh air for anyone who is seeking some kind of a cure, or some kind of treatment that is not gonna put them through the horrors of the radiation and chemotherapy or the drug treatments which we alluded to earlier.

    Tim is it possible to give us a figure? Can you give us a figure, an approximate figure? How many people up until this point in time have been cured of various forms of cancer through Dr. Clark directly or the application of her techniques in the books?

    TB: You know JJ, I can only guess at that. I've, I'll tell you what, at another time I'll be glad to do some research and find that out.

    JJ: That was a tough question.

    TB: I really don't know that, because. But Dr. Clark does is teach people to help themselves and, and although what she saying is the cure for all of these things, she wrote the book The Cure for All Diseases which basically said, "take care of your body and your body will take care of itself". And because of the pollutants in our environment, we're, I, I, agree with her, I think that's the answer. I don't have an answer. But, let me tell you, I was gonna tell you about the Zapper, is that okay if finish that?

    JJ: The Zapper, yes. Can I tell people the name THE ZAPPER, will they look at me with this incredulous look that's just, and it makes me feel sorta self-conscience when I say this to them. Yet it is the absolute truth. Ted tell us about the Zapper.

    TB: This is, this is JJ, this was humorous. Because I'm not a believer in things strange. I had to read everything I could about electro-medicine first before I even understood what the Zapper does. Do you know these days when you go into your five-minute doctor, you know at your HMO that if you have a cold or you have the flu, they're not gonna give you penicillin or antibiotics anymore, because they're gonna look you right in the eye and say, "antibiotics only kill bacteria, and they won't kill, there's nothing that will kill a virus.."

    Well there's nothing in the world of prescriptions that will kill a virus and we've been proving that with chemotherapy, and with AZT, even in the horrible combinations, excuse me my opinion, that are being used. But it's not true that there's nothing in our society that will kill a virus. Uhm, we proved years ago that a frequency will kill a virus. You know the old theory about the opera singer breaking a glass. Uh, there's a certain resonance, when it resonates to vibrate and kill. And for years, in other countries and here we've had the facilities to electronically create a sound wave or waves of resonance inside the body that kills all the viruses in your body, and so what they did with the Zapper was to put together a combination of frequencies between this one and that frequency called a square-wave, a combination of these things which when you put it on over a period of time it passes a current through your body at a 9-volt battery, and it creates these periodic waves and they're tuned to kill the virus, too, the bacteria and the smaller parasites in various stages inside your body.

    And do do they do the job, YEAH I think they do. I wasn't a believer, but we had this horrible flu that went through California and everybody I knew was knocked down with it except my wife and I. We used the Zapper every day and we went casually about our business, and we didn't even notice. Does it work, I think so. I mean you can't convince me, there's too much technology in the world going around. Royal Raymond Rife of course, was one of the early ones in the 30s who did this, and his work was documented about exactly it did.

    JJ: Now the other thing, the Syncrometer, what does it do?

    TB: It's also an electronic device which passes a current through your body. Can, everything that's in your body has a resonance. The body is an electrical circuit, we know that. That's true. I'm not, and there's no question that we have an electrical circuitry that operates your body. Well, Dr. Clark has found that with the Syncrometer that she can detect those resonances inside the body and determine all the things that's in your body. Now not necessarily the exact amount, but the fact that they are there.

    She can tell whether you have benzene or isopropyl alcohol, or irridium, or AIDS virus, or any number of things. Anything that you care to test and balance, you test a virus in the Syncrometer. Not does it test the human body, but you can test every bit of food and everything that you would put in your mouth and determine whether or not it has things that you do not want in your body, like AIDS, or uhm uh uh asbestos. There's way too much asbestos still left in things and when you get it in your body it causes problems. Now all these cause problems inside your body and the trouble is our modern society is completely infested with it JJ.

    JJ: Now the Syncrometer sounds like a machine that could potentially could be very costly. However I understand that with the schematics that Dr. Clark has provided, it's not that difficult to build one for yourself at home and the cost is not prohibitive from doing this. Uh, can you tell us a little bit about how Dr. Clark has actually provided this information to the public, the general public?

    TB: Dr. Clark being a research scientist sees everything from the viewpoint of a research scientist. And to her throwing something together in an electronics package on the kitchen table is easy, but your realize of course that the average member of the general public is not gonna do that. How many people even know what's inside of a radio shack, much less go in there and go buy the kind of components to build something. So, realistically, yes you could go and do that.

    But let me tell you the down side that the Team One has been looking at Dr. Clark's Syncrometer. Now you say wait a minute, this guy's with her and he's gonna tell us the down side. Yes the Syncrometer, you can buy one for, you can buy the parts and put it together for fifty bucks, you can buy the whole thing assembled for eighty-five dollars. But that isn't the cost. The cost is all those tiny little bottles, of all the things that you've got to have to test for everything in your life. The second version of the Syncrometer right now, well I was in a meeting, part of the meeting in Louisville that we had there was one of a support group that developed the second phase 2 Syncrometer, which is the Syncrometer that will have in its memory a thousand of the most common things that you have to test for in your body; those resonances will always be stored in it. And we're gonna try to market it for hundred bucks, and, and I think that's the way to go. It may be higher than forty-nine dollars, but basically there's really nothing compared to what it will do for you.

    JJ: That's an amazingly cheap cost when you consider the prohibitive cost of any medical testing devices which are priced completely out of the range even of many doctors who would love to have these kinds of diagnostic tools.

    TB: Well you know JJ there are companies out there that are developing similar type of equipment for doctors' offices. Uhm I've interviewed a couple of them and I'm not going to mention them at this time because Dr. Clark hasn't fully tested them and, and they although they are support for people, Dr. Clark isn't going to lend her name to anything until she's sure that it's the right thing, and after of course But I'm not gonna say that these things don't work, just that Dr. Clark has been a little bit busy and hasn't been able to do it. But there is one outfit out there that I feel really good about. I won't mention their name, but they have sold about 2,500 devices to doctors offices. They're pricey but they do a lot more. Not only to they analyze like this, but they'll make, they can tell you specifically what's not, and what is inside your body. I think they recommend a course of a, of a you know treatment. And it goes through NDs or MDs. And they are something that's gonna happen.

    Today we are looking at the future of medicine here. Uh think, uh looking at what's happening and what we have to do to make people aware of what they're putting inside their bodies, and you know the theory for instance has been that like uhm used to be when we polluted our river or well only my factory's emptying into the river. So, it's such a big river. Well ya know just a few years later we have 500 factories emptying into the river, and that's what's really happening in our environment right now. People say, "Oh well I've got only a little bit of benzene in my product, it isn't going to hurt anything." But when you consider that all of the thousands of products that you take in and put in our body all have a little of this or a little of that, women's cosmetics for instance. You begin to get that buildup, and that stuff doesn't get out of you body unless you actually flush it out. Uh, for instance one of the worst things that has happened in our society is the fluoride issue. I didn't fully understand that issue, right now I do. I've met the top fluoride people in the country and the there's a Bill here in California that we feel is going to be successful this year. It's not going to outlaw fluoride, because fluoride does help your teeth, it's just the kinds of fluoride that we've been getting in our basic waste, waste toxic wastes.

    So uh when you handle the things together, uhm, the human body can't accept it. Look at what's happening to your children's diseases right now JJ. You are probably aware of all the horrible children's diseases have increased by a third. ADD ADHD is on the rise. Uhm all the things, asthma is way up all over, lymphoma. I just saw a news release today that lymphona is blazingly ahead, cancer of the lymph system is way up. I'm not surprised, Dr. Clark isn't surprised. There are 2 million of us out here. Dr. Clark's only published about 525,000 of her books, I mean that's, has sold. But, there a couple of million of us that've read those books now and uhm, and, and passed the word along. And others sing the same song as her becoming aware. I figure in three years, within three years we're gonna see the beginning to see the end of cancer, AIDS, MS, all these kinds of diseases because as a society we're gonna become aware of a totally different way. I think it's a very good thing. I'm not gonna blame anybody, you know some of my contemporaries blame the pharmaceuticals. I'm not gonna do that. I, I know a lot of people in the pharmaceutical industry JJ, and they are just as caring an individual and doing a good job as I am or as you are. But, so I'm not gonna say that, but we as a society, if we don't wake up and pay attention, and that's what we're talkin' about here. That's what people like you are doing JJ, and you're doin' a terrific job. Your your your listeners need to realize the service you're providing. And...

    JJ: We'd like to think we're Team One, too.

    TB: Thank you very much. And you know, if, I'm sure glad you had us on here today. I'll be glad to have Dr. Clark come on your show.

    JJ: Tim we'd love to have Dr. Hulda Clark on the show, possibly in April after everything settles out from the trial, and I wanted to comment on one thing that you said. You mentioned the rising rate of ADD ADHD, and that's one of the active agendas on our show. We've already done a few shows on that topic. The fact is that ADD aDHD did not even exist 20 years ago. It was first put into the literature in 1981, and when you mentioned the lymphoma and the rising rate of that particular type of cancer. We, we have a wonderful product that we recommend to people for cleansing and enhancing the detoxification of the skin. It's called the Herbal Body Wrap. A little like the Zapper, doesn't it, heh heh heh...the Herbal Body Wrap...heh heh...with the Zapper you could be the healthiest person in your family coming out of this procedure. But, I wanted to let you know that you can tell Dr. Clark that uh, that when she's in the area to speak with us in October, that we're gonna offer her a free body wrap, and my associate Olga T..... here at the station is announcing and directing our show is gonna provide Dr. Clark with a free body wrap when she's in Philadelphia, and I'll think we'll have a good time together. And uh, what I envision happening here is a very similar to what you are saying about the future of medicine.

    I think that the reaction that our audience and especially those health professionals in our audience who may be listening and the doctors who may be listening could be a variety of emotional responses. Uh uh, on the one hand they may see this as potentially something that will disrupt the activity of their everyday lives, the status quo if you were, and create a change that may not be economically comforable for them.

    On the other hand, I want to encourage all of those people who are health practitioners, all of the doctors in our audience to purchase these books, get passed the title. I know the title is uh, The Cure for All..., The Cure for All...., and that sounds a bit unscientific to those who have such a heavy scientific background. But get passed that title and consider Dr. Clark's work and if you'd like to listen to this show again on line go to that site and check out the show. Purchase her books, read the books, and then begin to consider putting these protocols into practice in your own offices. Imagine if that were to happen. Cancer facilities like Fox Chase, the new one at Chester Crosier incorporating these kinds of protocols as an option, as an option for their patients to undergo. Let's reveal all the statistics, all the research, all of the work in a language that's understandable to lay people. All of this information that Dr. Clark has amassed and let's give them the choice at these facilities to go forward with this kind of a path towards being free from cancer, becoming cured of cancer, of all the various types. And let's see what happens, let's open our minds, open our hearts, and really open the door for the patients. This show is about the patient's perspective, the Holistic Health Hour. We are the people's voice and we want to open these doors for the people, not just in the Delaware Valley, from which we're broadcasting here, but all over the United States, and throughout the world, you can here us on line, and we invite you Tim and Dr. Clark to listen to the show and of course you have our invitation to the expo next October. I will be speaking with our close personal friend Ms. Anne Corrie, who is the director of the Expo, trying to make arrangements for that to culminate in the Fall. And uh as I told you Tim you can have a free body wrap, too.

    TB: I accept.

    JJ: ha ha ha ha ha. And we'll also give you a nice sample of some of the Body Balance that we recommend to people. We're coming to the top of the hour. Tim, do you remember my friend John Counts who was on the phone with us the other day. John's gonna tell us a little bit more about that web site as we go out.

    TB: Thanks for having me on.

    JJ: You're very welcome and definitely please come back and tell us more after the trial is finished and when you're on tour with Dr. Clark - Team One. John tell us a little about the web site as we go out.

    John: Thanks Tim, thanks JJ. We call it the supersite, the Holistic Health Supersite, and super means above like an umbrella. We embrace all modalities, all healing arts. We don't have a particular philosophy, we're not pushing a particular product. We're not excluding any philosophy or any products. We want to create a home where all the wholistic practices can coexist together in peace and harmony and we want to promote the idea of healthcare freedom in this country where people are free to choose whatever, whether it's herbs, whether it's acupuncture, whether it's chiropractor. That people have the freedom to choose their own health care. They feel intuitively instead of being dictated by the government of what they're allowed to receive.

    JJ: Thanks John. Olga take us out.

    Olga: Thank you for joining us this evening. Join us again next week for another edition of the Holistic Health Hour, 9-10 p.m. at WNJC 1360 AM. And you are also welcomed to visit our web site at

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    Health Robbers - Barrett

    A Consumer's Guide to Alternative Medicine by Kurt Butler

    Lying for Fun and Profit by Kurt Butler

    Quack: Tales of Medical Fraud from the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices

    Honey, Mud, Maggots, and other Medical Marvels

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