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  • Bolen doesn't know fact from fiction

    For those of you who don't know who Patrick Timothy Bolen is, or what he believes, get ready for a shock. He has taken positions in defense of numerous medical and dental professionals who have been at the leading edge of quackery and consumer fraud. He misrepresents legal proceedings at every turn. It seemed to start when he was brought on the Hulda Clark team to keep her from going to jail for practicing medicine without a license. But, it hasn't stopped there. If you have been defamed, libeled or mentioned in any of Bolen's bizarre, and disjointed rants on the internet, you can help set things straight. You can help us sustain the defamation and libel lawsuit in California against Tim Bolen, Hulda Clark, and their associates.

    Hulda Clark Lawsuit Reinstated

    Appeals court upholds suit against Hulda Clark and her attorney.

    The California Court of Appeals has reinstated a malicious prosecution suit that Dr. Stephen Barrett filed in December 2002 against Hulda Clark and attorney Carlos J. Negrete.

    Clark is an unlicensed naturopath who claims she can cure cancer, AIDS, and other serious diseases with a low-voltage electrical device and various herbs. [Barrett S. The bizarre claims of Hulda Clark. Quackwatch, Nov 9, 2004] Barrett is suing her for libel because she hired a "publicist" who has been attempting to destroy his reputation by spreading false and defamatory statements about him [Barrett S. A response to Tim Bolen. Quackwatch, March 18, 2005]. In 2001, Clark filed a malicious cross-complaint in which she accused Barrett, his wife, and many other defendants with "racketeering" and a long list of other crimes and civil wrongs they did not commit. [Barrett S. Bogus "anti-quackbuster" suit dismissed: Why I am suing the lawyer who filed it. Quackwatch, March 18, 2005] In 2003, a lower court judge dismissed the malicious prosecution suit on grounds that Barrett not had presented enough information to conclude that Clark and Negrete knew the cross-complaint was groundless.

    In reversing the lower court decision (see below), the Appeals Court used these words to describe their reasons why the original court should go to trial:

    "the scurrilous nature of the defendants' allegations of wrongdoing and their efforts to publicize them widely on the Internet, when coupled with their utter failure to offer any proof of their charges"

    [Appeals court upholds malicious prosecution suit against Hulda Clark and Attorney Carlos Negrete. Quackwatch, March 22, 2005]

    Tim Bolen needs professional help

    Patrick Timothy Bolen has questions for Dr. Terry Polevoy

    On Good Friday, March 25, 2005 I received an e-mail from Patrick Timothy Bolen's dial-up account on He said that he was preparing an article about me and he wanted to get things correct. Well, I'll be damned!!

    Bolen wants to "get things correct". I'd say that someone must have put something into his drinking water, or sprayed the air with truth serum. What does Bolen mean by all of this?

    Doesn't he realize that I have previously responded in this lawsuit with my deposition.

    I am suing him in California for libel and defamation, along with Dr. Stephen Barrett, and my lawyer Christopher Grell. For Bolen to attempt any communication with me is most irregular. That fact that Carlos Negrete, who originally represented Hulda Clark and Tim Bolen in this matter, failed to show up for my deposition up here in Canada a few years ago is a major issue. Bolen can not communicate with me, but he can communicate with my lawyer if he wants.

    But, then again, perhaps he doesn't have a lawyer anymore who cares about defending his position. Negrete who is no stranger to controversy, has a reputation like Bolen, of attempting to intimidate others, including the press when his clients are being investigated.

    Bolen's questions were laughable, or perhaps even delusional. He just doesn't know when to stop making things up. If a psychiatrist read the e-mail they would come to only one conclusion. Whoever penned the e-mail is in need of help, serious help.

    Comments on Tim Bolen's latest rant
    by Terry Polevoy, MD

    February 5, 2005

    Patrick Timothy Bolen runs at least three web sites aimed at the destruction of organized medicine. They all operate out of IP address at []. For an explanation of how he does this click here. in San Francisco served as his last ISP (Internet Service Provider), at least until the first week in February. Attempts to reach Bolen's sites to confirm where he is really operating from pointed to a dead-end ISP that is listed as It could be anywhere in cyberspace, or it could be nothing more than another creation of Bolen's wild imagination. Stephen Barrett sued him in court a few years ago.

    Bolen's web sites and opinions

    • It is his appointed job, originally granted by her royal highness of cancer quackery Hulda Clark, to destroy those of us who fight quackery. A web site, named after him, The Bolen Report, is run by Owen Fonorow, a notorious quackbooster for the Linus Pauling Vitamin-C brigade. Fonorow claims to be a naturopath and have a PhD. Unfortunately, the PhD is from Chatworth College, a distance learning diploma mill. For just $3890 you too can obtain a Doctor of Naturopathy. Of course, Fonorow follows in the footsteps of Dr. Hulda Clark who obtained her mailorder diploma from the Clayton School of Natural Nutrition, another mailorder school. Since the State of Illinois doesn't regulate anyone who calls themselves a naturopath, he is home free, to do as he wants.

    • Cure vs. Treatment...- Bolen's bizarre support of Hulda Clark's bogus methods
    • Clark is the most-attacked health advocate on the face of the earth, because of her common sense ideas. Big pharma's sleazy "quackbuster" operation targets her more than anyone else.
    • Clark says that to correct the situation by normalizing the body: (1) remove all toxins, but especially five specific toxins, (2) get rid of certain parasites, (3) kill off certain oncoviruses and their hosts, and (4) get rid of certain bacterias and yeasts. (5) and, normalize the body's oxidation. It's how she recommends you accomplish these five things that gets tricky.
    • On Clark's program PCBs - are removed primarily by "zapping," and with the ingestion of ozonated olive oil. Benzene - is removed with vitamin B2. Asbestos - is removed by using something called levamisole, available over-the-counter in Mexico and in Veterinary stores in the US. Azo Dyes - are removed by vitamin B2, and by using a new system Clark has invented called "homeography." It is similar to "homeopathy" except electronic copies are made. Certain heavy metals - like mercury, thallium, tungsten, palladium, aluminum, etc., can be removed in quantity from the body by EDTA chelation, and in small amounts in specific locations by "homeography."
    • We're going to have to get tough...

      (1) We're going to have to shut down big pharma in North America. We'll start by pulling the financial rug out from under them by passing the "Drug importation bill" through the Senate, and get George Bush to sign it into law. That'll eliminate their huge cash flow, and put that cash back into our American economy.

      (2) We need to prosecute the "quackbuster " operation. Prison is too good for these people.

      (3) We need to pull the funding from any Medical School that teaches "treatment."

      (4) We need to take a hard look at our hospitals. We need to remove the peer review system and put in severe penalties, including prison sentences, for all those errors they make, killing, and maiming Americans. There is no excuse, what-so-ever for dirty hospitals where someone goes in for a simple operation and dies from an exotic infection picked up in the operating room.

      (5) We need to take back control of our FDA and FTC...

      Health care in North America is a mess. The "system" has failed to clean up its own act. We need to do it for them, harshly.

    Here is a point-by-point rebuttal of Tim Bolen's deranged diatribe

    Dumb and Dumbest
    The Polevoy Factor
    Polevoy, well versed in bigotry and scare tactics, operates a "hate" operation. His hatred is for those that espouse "alternative medicine," in any form. His website,, is a miasma of crazy talk, odd colors and combinations, and a presentation that seems clearly out of the mind of a seriously disturbed individual. Bolen fails to give one example. All he can talk about is my colour scheme. Perhaps he needs to get a pair of rose coloured glasses. Well Tim, it is clear to anyone who can read who the seriously disturbed individual really is. As far "alternative medicine" is concerned, I think you might need a few wormwood suppositories to help clean your brain out.
    Polevoy's favorite tactic is "stalking" his intended victims. There is not one shred of evidence to support this.
    Today, I'm filing a formal criminal complaint against Polevoy for his recent actions against me. So, what are those actions Tim. Tell us all what you think, but first, perhaps you need some sodium pentathol to get to the truth inside your thick skull
    Knowing something of Polevoy's history I fear for my safety, and the safety of my family. I'm basing the complaint on a rash of activities by Polevoy over the last few months. What are those activities exactly? Please tell your readers why you are so afraid Tim. Could it be that the government is looking for you in a few unrelated matters and that's why you are afraid to come up here to Canada with Hulda Clark?
    Polevoy, I believe, has serious mental problems. Polevoy's history shows that when frustrated in his attempts to damage someone he sees as an adversary, Polevoy, like a true "stalker," escalates his activities. Since Tim is an expert in psychiatry, what exactly does he consider as a diagnosis. The stalking charge is totally bunk, and if anyone is stalking on the internet, it is certainly not Polevoy.
    In his rabid attack against Canadian radio personality Christine McPhee several years ago, Polevoy began his stalk with e-mails and phone calls. When McPhee resisted Polevoy's interests, Polevoy began an e-mail and letter writing campaign to her business associates with obvious intent to do her harm. When McPhee resisted this, Polevoy began to physically follow her around. As a matter of fact, it was not Polevoy who did the stalking and calling. McPhee called my office several times, and then called my home to harrass my wife early one morning. Bolen was a guest on her show, and lied about Hulda Clark's treatments to the listeners. McPhee was at a local health food store in Waterloo and held up Hulda Clark's book to the audience of perhaps 15 people and praised her treatment for cancer and other diseases. All of it of course were lies.
    At this point McPhee called in the police. Polevoy stopped physically following her after that (as far as she knows) but increased, voluminously, his letter and e-mail attacks to her business associates. McPhee had the largest "Alternative Medicine" radio show in Canada, simultaneously broadcasting on the five largest Canadian stations. When the radio station company asked McPhee to "deal with this issue," McPhee made every attempt to mollify Polevoy, to no avail. Polevoy made it clear that he wanted her life, her interests in alternative medicine, and her business, destroyed. At what point did she call police Tim. If her show was so successful why did they not renew her contract? Her show was sponsored by health food stores and natural health products distributors who were having a hard time selling their products. The radio markets were not large as you indicated. McPhee threatened my family at home, both with a phone call and by sending two uniformed police to my door in front of my wife. They actually found nothing wrong and issued a full report. Who instigated this invasion of my privacy Tim?
    McPhee was so physically afraid of Polevoy, and his rabid intensity, that she was unable to properly deal with the accusations Polevoy made against her, and the radio station company shut down her show. McPhee told me "He terrified me. I couldn't fight him. I never knew what he'd do next. I was afraid, all of the time, and the police couldn't stop him. I think he threatened the police too, and THEY seemed to be afraid of him." What accusations are you referring to? What made her unable to deal with it? You are making this whole thing up. Why don't you explain to your readers that you have a big problem with telling the truth in any fashion. Why would the police be afraid of Dr. Polevoy? What did you or McPhee expect the police to do, put duct tape on the doctor's mouth and handcuff him to a water cooler?
    I filed a complaint against Polevoy, several years ago, about Polevoy's activities concerning McPhee, and his rabid website, with the Ontario College of Physicians - to no avail. Their response was to indicate pretty much that "we don't care what he does in his personal life. We only monitor what he does in his office." You live in California, and yet you single-handedly orchestrated a hate campaign with others, including a doctor's wife from Ontario. A handful of carbon-copies of your diatribe against me were received by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and they found it to be completely malicious. Why don't you present that report to all of your readers?
    This last year, research scientist, and author, Hulda Clark PhD was scheduled to speak at a convention in Canada. On my recommendation, because of Polevoy's mentally unbalanced vehemence against Clark, at the last minute, Clark felt the need to cancel. I believe that Polevoy, in his frustrations I'll describe below, would attempt to harm Hulda Clark, if he was provided the opportunity. Polevoy has a liking for disguises, and with as many people as there are at health conventions, it is almost impossible to provide adequate security. Hulda Clark hasn't been a research scientist since the late 1970s when she mysteriously left the University of Indiana's payroll to eventually begin her illustrious career practicing medicine without a license. She fled Indiana for California, and finally Mexico where she hides out to this very day. What proof do you you have that Polevoy would harm Hulda Clark? Why do you think that Dr. Polevoy likes disguises? Your charges are unsupported.
    To share my concerns about Polevoy's mental state, and his obviously mentally deranged depiction of this world famous research scientist, author, and health humanitarian, Hulda Clark PhD, you have only to look at Polevoy's website writings about Clark. What's really scary is that right beside Polevoy's rant about Clark he offers her book for sale. So what are you concerns Tim? Hulda Clark's picture of the world is the one that is deranged. She believes that she has the "Cure for All Diseases". Remember the undercover investigator in Indiana who she told she could cure of HIV/AIDS in just two weeks? Yes, that was a fluke, I know, and speaking of flukes, she believes that a small fluke is the cause of most diseases and that she can cure people with a Syncrometer or Zapper. In fact, if you would like to read the manual on how to do what she does, just click on this Royal Rife site. Polevoy has Clark's books on his site to enlightend people about quackery. You say that she is a world famous research scientist and yet you can't produce a single paper authored by Clark and peer reviewed that include her present day activities. Maybe you count a few Scientologists like David Amrein who was successfully prosecuted by the FTC amongst the reviewers. I don't know how you think.
    Getting on Polevoy's website is like climbing down into a sewer under a leprosy hospital. You can't put on enough protective clothing for the experience. Oh, I just love the analogy. If Clark had it her way with you, she'd keep you in top shape, primed with wormwood and doing bench presses with one of her trainers, just in time to go to the dentist to get your crowns removed. After all, didn't you go to Dr. Clark University?
    Who is this guy? Polevoy is an anomaly in the "quackbuster" operation. Apparently banned from a leadership role in the North American conspiracy, Polevoy is conspicuously absent from the NCAHF's Board of Directors, or Advisors, and is missing from the any Boards at The American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) has no listing for him. It's obvious he's been rejected from the main group - probably because of his obsessive behavior. Bolen again proves that wormwood and mercury amalgam removal is bad for your health. Who are the conspirators here Tim? Hulda Clark and her associates are out to defraud their customers at their Century Nutrition center near Tijuana. If you have proof that Polevoy is part of a conspiracy, let's have it. After all, you were deposed before the court weren't you? You did present evidence all about this, didn't you?
    Speaking of "obsessive behavior," I found ninety-eight (98) references to him in the Waterloo "The Record," his local newspaper. Most of those references are comments, by local citizens, made about Polevoy's bizarre behavior. It is apparent that Polevoy is at odds with a major segment of his home town. Let's hear about those 98 references Tim. In fact, most of the references were articles written by me about various health subjects that had nothing to do with quackery. I wonder what in the world you were reading. Maybe you need your eyes adjusted, too. Your accusations are baseless.
    Polevoy apparently has deep seated psychological problems regarding his personal identity. Ilena Rosenthal, the head of the Humantics Foundation, feels she has been stalked by Polevoy for years. She tells me that , recently, Polevoy apparently hired a private detective to find her. Why would he do that? Rosenthal also tells me that she has evidence, gathered on her website, that Polevoy has been using a fake identity "Vera Teasdale" on the internet to harass and intimidate her. Polevoy, she says, has also used that identity to bash Hulda Clark. "Vera Teasdale," one of Polevoy's identities (alter-egos?) on the internet, I think, is a sample of Polevoy's mental deterioration. Ilena Rosenthal is being sued in the Supreme Court of California because she repeated defamatory statements that you authored. Tell me who hired a detective to find her? If you have evidence, let's hear it. Let's face it Tim, again you are not telling the truth. What exactly did Vera Teasdale do or say that would intimidate someone who is in hiding in Costa Rica, or some other place? Rosenthal has posted tens of tens of thousands of messages on Usenet over the last few years. Her posts that include Polevoy are close to 2,000. Ask her why she does what she does?
    I think he feels so un-reinforced in his ludicrous arguments, even from his fellow "quackbusters," about cancer therapies, or whatever, that he invents, or calls from his psyche, an identity to back him up. I have no idea whether Polevoy actually has multiple personalities, and really becomes "Vera Teasdale" or whether he's just trying to reinforce a dubious commentary. What are the ludicrous arguments that you mentioned? If my memory serves me right, you at one time bragged that you were Hulda Clark's General in charge of her war against the State of Indiana. Well, since then, how successful have you been. This 70-something grandma is cowering inside her pink rundown clinic in Mexico, David Amrein was slapped as were several other vendors of her devices. And then you needed a higher challenge so you defended the likes of Drs. Kadile, Suster, Phillips, Sica, and now Shortt in their battles to retain their professional licenses.

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