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Tim Bolen talks about himself

Hi folks "we haven't met, but I'm Hulda Clark's war leader (media expert)

The following is from another e-mail exchange where Bolen tells everyone who he is and what he represents.

Subject:  Quack Diagnosis by Government Cabal ?  (Bolen)..

Date:     Thu, 27 Jan 2000 234124 -0600 (CST)

From:     "Roy L. Beavers" 

To:       emfguru 


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Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 20:27:26 -0800 (PST)

From: Tim and Jan Bolen 

To: Bill Kingsbury , "Roy L. Beavers" ,

    "Mary M. Schweitzer, Ph.D." 

Subject: Re: [oxyplus] Quack Diagnosis by Government Cabal ?  (fwd)


In reference to your e-mail package which began:

"Hi everybody:

I have held on to this long message for a few days

 -- thinking we might get a "break" in the flow of

good messages .. but the storms in the U.S. seem to

have resulted in an INCREASE......"

We haven't met, but I'm Hulda Clark's war leader

(media expert).  I'm sending you a copy of a lengthy

press release which, when understood, explains the

Clark Team strategy.  We've become very public -and

it's working quite well.  Stanislaw Bryzinski's team

is doing something similar.  It's time for "offense."

Nobody wins a war on "defense."

Also, I need CFIDS expert speakers for a national

radio show, currently aired on Sundays - but heading

for daily, called "Medicine Man," sponsored by the

Healthkeepers Alliance.

I'll be in Louisville, KY until Monday night - and

away from my e-mail.

Tim Bolen



Tim & Jan Bolen - JuriMed(949) 728-0838cell phone:

(949) 433-6292


Immediate Release


Come One, Come meet conventional medicine‚s

idea of „The Most Dangerous Woman in America,š 

HuldaRegehr Clark, Phd, Nd.

World renowned Clark is the controversial author of

the top-selling books „The Cure For All Cancers, „The

Cure For All Diseases.š The Cure For HIV/AIDS,š The

Cure For Advanced Cancers.š   Newly elected Brown

County, Indiana Prosecutor James Oliver had

re-activated a seven year old investigation of Clark

and issued a warrant for her arrest in San Diego, CA. 

Oliver has recently recused himself from the case when

it was revealed that he had just married the original

Investigator in the case, Amy Hoffman (Oliver).  Huge,

angry support arose in Indiana, and world-wide,


What:   Health Freedom Rally, and Advanced Syncrometer

Seminar, in Louisville Kentucky, sponsored by the

Libertarian Party.

When:   - Saturday, January 29, 2000 - Advanced

Syncrometer Seminar, 9-5.

-   Sunday, January 30, 2000 - (Health     Freedom

Rally) -9:00AM to 5:00PM

Where:	Louisville, Kentucky	Holiday Inn South - (502)

964-3311	I-65, exit 128,	Fern Valley Road   	

Dr. Hulda Clark is an award winning research scientist

who, through extensive testing and many, many, case

studies has found the markers and the methods to get

rid of the causes of diseases such as cancer, HIV, and

others. She has written four books on the subject and

has disseminated her knowledge on the internet to

allow people to help themselves. 

Naturally, conventional medicine with its billions of

dollars a year cancer industry is threatened by a

scientific method which is non-invasive and does not

include a vast pharmaceutical expenditure.

Dr. Clark, whose supporters number in the many

thousands all over the world, is now forced into a

legal battle in the state of Indiana. The Libertarian

party is holding this seminar and Health Freedom

Rally, introducing Dr. Clark, and explaining her

methods, to show their support for her, and to defend

the cause of medical freedom.At the door tickets for

this educational experience are $40 for entry or $55

including lunch.  For those experienced professionals

who want to advance their knowledge in syncrometer

testing the Saturday workshop is $680.

The Press is welcome...Story Summary Attached	    ####






Opinion by Tim Bolen

Hulda Clark Ph.D., a medical researcher for 51 years,

is challenging the basis of American conventional

medicine.  If she‚s right, and wins her battles,

she‚ll change American medicine forever.  If she‚s

right, planet earth can go into the new millennium

without cancer, HIV/AIDS and other killers.

World-wide supporters say she is.  And, no matter how

hard minions of the medical establishment attack

Clark, she just keeps picking up more, and


Both the American Libertarian Party and the American

Reform Party have made the attack on Clark in Indiana

part of their „Election 2000" platform. They use it as

an example of what‚s wrong with health in America.

On the 29th and 30th of this month the Kentucky branch

of the Libertarian party will sponsor a two-day event

on behalf of the Clark Defense campaign in Louisville,


Clark, the author of "The Cure for All Cancers," etc.,

was arrested September 20, 1999, by the FBI in San

Diego, CA on a so-called fugitive warrant from

Indiana.  Brown County, Indiana Prosecutor James

Oliver claimed Clark had been "Practicing Medicine

without a License," seven years earlier when she was a

resident of that county, and a researcher at

theUniversity of Indiana.  

71 year-old researcher Dr. Clark had been held for

sixteen days in a holding cell, then driven 2,200

miles in 37 hours in the back seat of a Indiana patrol

car to Brown County, where she was immediately

released on bail. Those legal issues have not yet


Prosecutor Oliver resigned from the case after it was

made public that he had recently married Amy Hoffman,

the original Investigator in the Clark case.

Enraged supporters, after the arrest, organized a

world-wide campaign on her behalf.  And, the campaign,

in full swing is no longer just a "defense" through

raising money and public awareness.  It is a

full-fledged "offense."  Clark supporters are actively

searching out the people they believe are behind the

Clark attack, gathering information for prosecution. 

They believe that what is happening to Clark was

„arrangedš by minions of the medical establishment,

and is a violation of federal RICO statutes.  They

believe that what is being done to Clark has happened

time and time again to alternative health

practitioners in America.  They believe that the

orchestration to stop innovation in health has caused

the suffering and deaths of millions of Americans. 

They characterize this attack as just one more effort

to discredit, and discourage, non-conventional health

practitioners, those that disdain the use of drugs and

surgery for more natural remedies. 

Clark supporters, go one step further, believing that

the issue is about money; huge profits for

pharmaceuticals.  They believe the medical

establishment is using its influence to attack the

woman who has found a cure for cancer, and other

diseases, with her innovative approaches.

Clark supporters point out that if Clark is right

about what causes cancer, and how to cure that cancer,

then the huge $8.6 million per year U.S. chemotherapy

industry is dead, dead, dead.  And, every conventional

Oncologist is the country can get in the


More and more studies are showing how useless

chemotherapy actually is combating cancer, and how it

can actually make the situation worse.


Her theories are based upon common sense.  Her primary

thesis is that all diseases rampant in the human body

flourish because the natural immune system is

incapable of dealing with them due to factors that can

be, and should be, changed, and controlled.

Simply, she says that we need to get rid of parasites,

toxins, viruses, and harmful bacteria in the body -

and keep it out.  In this way our natural immune

systems can function properly and deal with daily

assaults effectively, as they should.

Clark says that Americans are told by the medical

establishment that „parasites in their body are of no

concern,š when in fact parasites debilitate the body‚s

natural processes significantly.  She makes it clear

that humans need to be „wormedš just like all other

animals in civilization, regularly.  She says this

„wormingš must be from „naturalš products like black

walnut husk, as humans are of, and part of nature.

Clark says that toxins can, and must, be removed

regularly.  Her „Syncrometerš can test for the

presence of toxins, and that there are natural ways to

then remove those toxins.  Dangerous toxins come in

several forms, like metals (lead, mercury, iridium),

or isopropyl alcohol, and benzine.

Clark says that viruses and bacteria in the body can

be killed simply with electro-medicine.  A „Zapper.š

an electronic device she offers plans to build in her

books, she says, is tuned to the resonant frequency

that kills the viruses and bacteria without harm tothe





~ If she‚s right about cancer, then the $8.6 million

per year American chemotherapy industry is out


~ Conventional Oncologists and Cancer Centers are

outof business.

~ the American Cancer Society, and the Cancer

Institute will lose ALL semblance of credibility.

~ If she‚s right about HIV/AIDS then the huge AIDS

chemotherapy industry is out of business.

~ If she‚s right about HIV/AIDS then the huge AIDS

government bureaucracy which keeps tabs on HIV

positive Americans is out of business.

~  If she‚s right that the „Zapperš can kill viruses,

harmful bacteria, and smaller parasites then the

immense „off-the-shelfš cold and flu industry

(pharmaceuticals again) are out of business.				

~ If she‚s right that the electronic „Syncrometerš can

analyze the human body completely, then, a new age

ofmedicine is born...

~If she‚s right about benzine and isopropyl alcohol;

huge product bases, like women‚s cosmetics, shampoos,

soaps, and much more, will have to find other

ingredients.  Benzine could go on the same list asDDT.


Many innovative health leaders, when faced with the

horrors of personal attack by the minions of

conventional medicine, wilt.  They‚re not usually

fighters, they‚re healers, and it‚s not in their

personality to do battle.  But not Hulda Clark.  She

may be five foot three, and seventy one years old, but

that twinkle in her eye is from a giant intelligence -

and she believes strongly in what she‚s about.  So do

her supporters.  Clark, and her team‚s response to the

attack by the „minionsš is to be even more public,

even more „in their face.š  For, for Clark and her

team, the stakes are nothing less than „The Future of

Health.š And nothing less than victory will suffice.


The event in Kentucky, the first of a series, is

Clark‚s latest effort to make her point to Americans. 

She believes that Americans should know about their

bodies, and what they put in them.

The Saturday, January 29th, 2000 program is an all-day

"Advanced Syncrometer Training" course conducted

personally by Dr. Clark and associates. It is not for

beginners. If you already have a „Syncrometer, and

want to improve your skills, then there is an advanced

sign-up, and a fee. Contact "The Dr. Clark Research

Association" at, for sign-up details.

The Sunday, January 30th, 2000 program is for the

general public and supporters are expected from around

the world. Sunday schedule - 9:00am to 5:00pm. For

more information call: 502-635-1153  Email:  Fee:  $40, $55 with lunch.

Proceeds for the event will go towards Dr. Clark's

Legal Defense Fund, and her Research foundation.

The two-day event will be held at the Holiday Inn

South I-65, Exit 128, Fern Valley Road, Louisville,KY,

(502) 964-3311.


This is going to be an interesting event.  It is a

Health Freedom Rally.  The Kentucky Libertarians are

"out for bear" in establishing their national party's

stance for "health freedom," for Election 2000, at

this event.  I applaud them for it.  As should we all.

The attack on innovations in health has become a

national issue.   There is no doubt where Senator (and

presidential candidate) Orin Hatch stands on health

issues.  Dan Burton, from Indiana, is described by

health activists, as an American hero.  In California

Conservative Republican Assemblyman Steve Baldwin is

co-sponsoring AB827 (The California Health Freedom

Bill) with liberal Democrat John Vasconcuellos.

But the Libertarians are leading the way, with their

national platform...  Good for them...

The Kentucky Libertarian party advocates the complete

separation of medicine and state.  They recognize the

individual's right to self-medication, and seek the

elimination of all government restrictions on the

right of individuals to pursue alternative forms of

health care.  They believe that individuals should be

free to contract with practitioners of their choicefor

all health care services.

The Libertarians opinion about health care appears to

be shared by the majority of the American population

which spent, in 1999, approximately 56.5% of its

health dollars on alternative forms of health care.

Virtually all of those dollars were "out-of-pocket" as

conventional medicine political forces have so-far

prevented payment of the fees of the much more

effective alternative health practitioners.

In their political platform, the Libertarians, a

significant national political party, are recognizing

a national movement, that state by state, is demanding

"Health Freedom."  Excellent organizations have been

formed, with major successes already completed, or in

progress.  The Libertarians are the first major

American political party to recognize the real issues

in health care, and offer realistic solutions.


The Clark campaign has just begun.  There is still the

issue of the charges brought against Dr. Clark in

Brown County, Indiana for allegedly "Practicing

Medicine Without a License," seven years ago.  The

trial, originally scheduled for February 2, 2000, has

been indefinitely postponed by Circuit Court Judge

Heather Mollo, who herself, has resigned from the

bench, and will be gone as of January 14th, 2000.  A

new prosecutor has been appointed to handle the case,

and his first job will be to attempt, on February 8th,

2000,  to defend against the Defense "Motion To

Dismiss," in front of the newly appointed judge (who

we don't know the name of yet).

We expect the case to be dismissed at that time, as

case law in Indiana shows that any defendant has the

right to a speedy trial.  They prosecution never made

any attempt (for 6 ł years) to serve any warrant

anywhere, and Dr. Clark was a resident of the United

States, with an address, a driver's license, a

telephone number, etc.  She certainly was not a

fugitive in hiding, and had the prosecution desired to

proceed, could have done so in a reasonable amount


Currently, Dr. Clark is continuing her work at her

research facility in Tijuana, Mexico.


There has been a lot of speculation about how this

ludicrous attack on Dr. Clark came to be.  Although

there may have been other contributing factors,

supporters believe that earlier prosecutors (before

prosecutor James Oliver married Investigator Amy

Hoffman) simply saw no merit in the case.  It is their

theory that Amy Hoffman (Oliver), as an Investigator,

may have gone through training provided by the

Federation of States Medical Boards (FSMB) which in

itself is horribly infected by it's relationship with

the so called National Council Against Health Fraud

(NCAHF)  Any training Hoffman received at FSMB hands

would have prejudiced her against any, and all,

alternative or leading-edge practitioners.  The FSMB

openly Characterizes all alternative practices

as"health fraud."

So far - The attack on Hulda Clark has backfired on

the opposition.  The Clark case may just be their

"Waterloo."   The NCAHF, a crackpot(?) organization

run out of the basement of a de-licensed MD in

Allentown, PA, has taken an active role to damage

Clark, and some say, all alternative health

practitioners.  But, either they're not very good at

this campaign, or the American public has had enough

of their terrorism.  For, they're not doing very well

in this case. In fact their efforts have only served

to focus health freedom activists on the source of the

overall problem.  Those activists, with new awareness,

are in turn, pointing the finger, and communicating

quite well, to their elected officials,  and the media

- a combination which has proven to be extremely


In California, a state which has the reputation for

leading the nation in some kinds of social changes,

health freedom activists are winning some startling

victories.  It is expected that the strategies they

have used, will be used, and improved upon,

nationwide, in the health movement. It looks as though

Kentucky is already about to add a new wrinkle.

Californians actively fought for the removal of the

NCAHF from their Loma Linda University address.  The

activists won - thereby removing the NCAHF's ability

to intimate they had academic acceptance for what

critics call „their medical buffoonery.š

California Governor Davis, who is listening to his

constituents,  is refusing to renew the appointments

of fourteen of the existing eighteen Medical Board

dinosaurs - and is looking for a brand new board that

will serve the needs of the people.

AB827 (The California Health Freedom Bill) will be on

the floor of the legislature this year, and is

supported by both sides of the house.


It's about Americans, acting like Americans, doing

what Americans do when they get concerned

aboutsomething important ...

See you there.


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Reprinted with permission of Roy Beavers,

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