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Kidz Play - Accidents & Children

For families who lose their kids "accidentally"


Thousands of children die in accidents each year in North America. What role do parents or other adults play in those tragic deaths, and what can be done to reduce the toll?


Children who work are sometimes injured and die. About a dozen Ontario children die each year while on the job. It might be on the family farm, or in a local warehouse or Canadian Tire store. We examine some of the unusual cases, the causes, and the lessons learned. Think twice the next time you send your 15 or 16 year old kid to clean out he dough-making machine at the local bread factory.

It's not play dough time

  • Teen dies in dough machine - A Toronto teen was crushed to death on Sept. 25, 1999 when a dough making machine he was cleaning was accidentally activated by a panicking co-worker. His family, immigrants from Uzbekistan don't have enough money to bury him. He was 16 years old.

  • David Ellis, an 18 year teenager died on February 11, 1999, another victim of a dough making machine. His father Robert speaks to the annual meeting of the Health and Safety Council in Toronto.

  • Second Dough Mixer Death - CBC Toronto Sept. 27, 1999 Sixteen-year-old Ivan Golyashov died on Saturday when a dough-making machine he was cleaning was accidentally turned on by a fellow employee. The young man was inside the mixer, when the rotors began to turn. Investigators also say both workers were contract employees, working at the company as cleaners. And so, they were not trained on using the mixer.


Hundreds of infants and children die each year in North America because their caretakers or parents place them at risk in the front seat of a car.

Why are government and health agency messages not getting through to parents?

  • Kids & Air bags

  • Air bag press release
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    PWCs or Personal Water Craft - Jet Skis, Sea-doos, and Wave Runners account for a significant number of accidental deaths and injuries each year. Despite government regulations, kids do die when parents and caretakers ignore the rules.

    We created PWC-Watch after the death of a little girl in Ontario. Since then I have been contacted by many parents who would like to see something done.

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