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Paula Begoun

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The Natural Beauty
& Bath Book & Kit:

Casey Kellar 

Lark Books
Skin Care Books

Skin Care: Beyond the Basics

Mark Lees

Milady Publishing

Saving Your Skin : Prevention, Early Detection, and Treatment of Melanoma and Other Skin Cancers

Barney J. Kenet
Patricia Lawler-Kenet

The Natural Beauty & Bath Book:Nature's Luxurious Recipes for Body & Skin Care

Casey Kellar
Leslie Dierke

Lark Books

Real Women Don't Diet!

Black Skin Care


Milady Publishing Company 

More Black Skin Care
coverMilady's Skin Care &
Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary

Natalia Michalun
M. Varinia Michalun 

Milady Publishing 
cover A Woman Doctor's  Guide to Skin Care
Wilma F. Bergfeld
Shelagh R. Masline 

Little, Brown & Company 
You Need to Know about Skin Care - Buy Me

Everything You Need to Know about Skin Care

Jane Hammerslough 

Rosen Publishing 
Acne in Black Women

Acne in Black Women 

Dr. Neil Persadsingh

coverThe Good Skin Doctor's:
A Dermatologists Survival Guide to Acne

Tony Chu and
Ann Lovell

Thorson's Publications

Body Image- must buy Body Image

Sarah Grogan 


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Cunliff & Thiboutot

Health Books

Buy Clinical Obesity NOW at

Clinical Obesity

Peter G. Kopelman
Michael Stock

Blackwell Science

Buy Cumulus the Puffy Cloud NOW at Cumulus the Puffy Cloud:
A Story about Dealing
with Childhood Obesity

Benny Hardouin, Youth Fitness Director of the McLeod Health & Fitness Center, has written a new book to help children deal with obesity. This picture book addresses several issues that obese children face. More specifically, the book deals with insecurity, self-esteem, teasing and positive reinforcement.

Benny Hardouin

BUY Binge Eating : Nature, Assessment and Treatment
Binge Eating : Nature, Assessment and Treatment

G. Terence Wilson (Editor)
Christopher G. Fairburn

Guilford Press

Overcoming Eating Disorders

W. Stewart Agras
Robin F. Apple

Academic Press

I must BUY Why Can't I Stop Eating?

Why Can't I Stop Eating? : Recognizing, Understanding, and Overcoming Food Addiction

Debbie Danowski
Pedro Lazaro

Hazelden Information Education

Desperately Seeking Self Desperately Seeking Self
An Inner Guidebook for People With Eating Problems

Viola Fodor

The intimate dialogue that forms the basis for Desperately Seeking Self is between a therapist and a client with bulimia--a composite character based on the many patients Viola Fodor has helped in her practice. Touching and insightful, it helps readers to open their minds, explore their inner natures, and recognize the importance of self-love in overcoming their eating disorders.

Gurze Designs

Shop Now Alternative Medicine or Magical Healing

The Trick Is to Know the Difference

George A. Ulett

Although alternative medicine is now studied seriously in The National Institutes of Health and Harvard Medical School, questions of efficacy and practitioner motivation still cloud the topic. Alternative Medicine or Magical Healing attempts to give a balanced picture of the New Age healing movement and sorts out which treatments should be approached with caution or avoided, and which might be useful as complements to traditional medicine. Dr. Ulett was one of the first American physicians to study in China and Japan, and pioneered the use of acupuncture in this country. His long interest in holistic healing reflects an open-mindedness to other ways of treating and an interest in healing both body and spirit. Dr. Ulett is a past Director of the Missouri Department of Mental Health. He currently has a private practice in Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychiatry.

Warren H. Green

Find Anything Healthsmarts:
How to Spot the Quacks

Avoid the Nonsense...
Get the Facts
That Affect your Health

John Renner and Lewis Vaughn

HealthFacts Publishing

Prices you'll like Healers & Alternative Medicine:
A Sociological Examination of Alternative Medicine

Gary Easthope

Book Review

Gower Publishing

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